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New site in town, written by some friends of mine. Check out Hoboken411...


It reviews restaurants, businesses and the Hoboken scene. Crisp design and great pictures over there. Very interactive, you can comment too.


I was relatively unimpressed. Then again, the main guy writing isn't my favorite person, and his sense of humor grates, so maybe I'm SLIGHTLY biased.

Looked interesting, and then I went to the About page. The "Technical Requirements" section was just terrible. When a site exhibits such gaudy design flaws as assigning external feed subscriptions hire importance than navigation, I get pretty pissed if they then have the nerve to demand at what resolution I browse.


I do have internal feed subscriptions.. but you need to use a feed aggregator, such as bloglines or google.

If you just want to read the feed in a browser alone, it's best to use something like feedburner. The good thing is that feedburner works for both. My choice. How that's gaudy is beyond me.

And yes, I do have advice what resolution works best for this site. For the 2% of the people running at a lower resolution, well, there's nothing I can do! My blog is fixed width, and will not be changed. That's the way I want it to be.

Sorry to hear you're pissed that you think we're making demands. Do you get pissed when a computer game says you must have certain equipment? Or that your car needs premium fuel?

And as far as navigation, it's simple. Either choose the category you want to view, or search for something. Too bad you find it difficult. But if you want to offer suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them. However, I've gone over all the options already. There are certain back-end actions that you are unaware of taking place on the server that require this structure.

Heck, I only spent about 2 weeks doing it, so I'm sure there's improvements coming. It's kinda hard to tweak when you have 1400 photos, 1800+ posts, etc. But I'll work it out.



I understand about the feeds. It's their placement that I was calling gaudy. They are in the topright corner of the site, above even the header. There are 5 right now and you haven't even covered ones like Rojo or Feedburner. IMO, it detracts from the site itself by placing them in the most prominant position.

As for resolution, I am currently running two monitors off of my laptop. One has a width of 1680 and the other 1400. And yet I almost never have a browser at 1024. Why? Because I multitask. I keep my browsers at a comfortable reading width, and leave enough space to quickly access my Google Desktop on the side, icons on the desktop, and other apps. Trying to compare a website to a car or even a game makes absolutely no sense as they are used in completely different ways.

I find the navigation to be a problem because it feels as though the site is stuck between being a blog and a directory. While the blog content can be very useful, a more full-functioned CMS would allow you to do things like the Full Town Directory in pages without dates.

There are other things, but those are the most glaring - and I've already taken up enough space on Furey's site ;) If you're interested in what I said, feel free to e-mail me (contact info available on my site).

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