Retail Is For Fools!

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After I bought my plasma TV, I had a slight dilemma. I have a remote control issue. I am using 3 remotes at the moment: the cable TV remote, the plasma remote and the Tivo remote.

It is slightly annoying switching from cable to Tivo and juggling remote controls around.

I did a bit of research and decided I wanted to buy the Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote. Only problem is that it costs $250, and after spending nearly $2400 on a TV (plus another $350 on the warranty), I was trying to reign in my spending habits for the last couple of months. Oh, and lets not forget that $8,000 PSE&G bill that is just lurking out there.

One of my co-workers (we will name "Fred") and I were talking about my plasma and I mentioned that I was looking at universal remotes. He piped up, "Get the Logitech...", and I ended his sentence with "...the 880, yea, I saw it for $220 on Amazon. Maybe I will get it in a few months."

His face blanched and he looked at me shaking his head. "I can get that for $89."

"What?!", I was shocked.

Fred walks away and sends me a link for the Logitech 880 to a site called He then throws in another link to a coupon for $50 off Logitech remotes.

With the taxes, shipping and discount the remote only cost $100. I was amazed and happy. I told him that i'd buy him lunch on Thursday.

This morning I walk into work and get an email from Fred. He wrote: "Can you cancel your order? I found the remote for $69."

I immediately cancelled my order on He sends me a link to, which has the same remote, using Dell Home. It has two coupon codes: One that takes $120 off for the remote and another $10 off for using PayPal. The $50 coupon from before brings that price down to $69.

How crazy is that? Anyone in the market for a Logitech Harmony 800? Hey, the deal is only good for today...get it while it's hot.

Update: These were sold out at 2 hours after I made this post!

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