Spring Purging

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On Saturday I went golfing at Bella Vista Golf Course in PA. I never been there before, but went because I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, I wanted to golf. The golf bug has bit me and I very much would like to get out about 2-3 times a month, if possible. On the other hand, I needed to visit my mom in Phoenixville (right on the Collegeville border, off R-422). Mom had a bunch of heavy lifting tasks for me, and inticed me with a home cooked sausage & meatball dinner as my reward. I really didn't want to drive 2 hours, do some work, eat dinner, and drive 2 hours back to Hoboken, so the golf idea was a nice combination package.

Of course I was "smart" enough to invite my golfer buddies to my house after the game for dinner and, in my defense, I did mention that my mother had some chores for me to help her with. When I arrived she had a checklist written down of about 10 tasks for us to complete. Mom's organizational skills & meticulous detail was something that I was used to growing up. It isn't something that I inherited from her, i'm terrible when it comes to having any sort of order. I like to think of my life as organized chaos. If I were alone it would have easily taken me about 45 minutes to complete, but with my 2 friends we completed the tasks in about 20 minutes. We sat down to a tasty dinner & chatted for an hour and then drove back to Hoboken.

Sunday I woke up and I was inspired by Saturday's events. I went to my closet and took a good hard look at my clothing situation. It wasn't a spring cleaning, it was a spring purging. Anything I haven't worn in a year was put into a garbage bag for donation to the Salvation Army. Nothing was spared. Suits, sweaters, pants and shirts were tossed with wild abandon into the bags. There were a few pangs of regret, especially with certain clothing that were gifts from family or friends. Also, a lot of my clothes are from either J. Crew or Banana Republic - so there is going to be some VERY happy people who are looking for used clothing at the drop off center. Of course, I found some really old snowboarding gear that I simply couldn't donate. The thought of someone wearing my flourscent yellow ski pants from 1989 on the ski slopes would be severely mocked, and I couldn't bear the thought of hurting someone like that.

Good news is that my closets have never looked better. The bad news is that I don't have one suit to wear. I haven't worn a suit to work in about 9 years. On special occasions, like weddings, I would have to bust out a suit and most of the time it was like a scene out of Tommy Boy (singing: fat guy in a little coat...), except my pants were too tight. Sure, I could get them tailored and let them out, but I think my suit is about 4 years old, too. I figured that the spring purging was a good excuse to get a new suit. I'm not in a rush to get a suit, but I do have a wedding or two this summer. I'm thinking of getting a Hugo Boss suit, I love how his shirts fit me.

There are a couple more things I need to take care of for my room, this is just the start. My couch needs to come out of my room and into the basement. I need to sell my old 36 inch Sony tube TV (replaced by my plama TV yesterday). My bookshelf needs to be gutted - but I really don't want to throw away my books. I am hoping that I can sell them at a yard sale or something, lots of them are great paperbacks & hard bound books that I don't want to give away. I also have a ton of computer games that are collecting dust. I'm not sure if I can resell those. I thought about using Ebay, but the whole process of packing & shipping the unused items are a huge turnoff for me. It is hard enough for me to go to the gym on the weekend, let alone deal with going to the post office to ship used books or games.

I must admit it was very freeing to let go of the clothes, plus I will be able to deduct some of that off my taxes. After this is a shop for a suit...

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