The Gloves Have Come Off

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In life you are never truly alone when you have friends and family to help you.

My father started an organizion in Philadelphia over 21 years ago called "The Patrons Foundation", a non-profit organization of over 100 current members which provides funding for education, goods and services for people in need in the Philadelphia area. Since its inception, The Patrons Foundation has provided over $1 million in aid to its benefactors, ranging from academic scholarships, to housing payments, to last minute Christmas presents. Patrons funds are directed towards helping individuals who had "fallen through the cracks" in society and provides needed aid to people in times of crisis. It was my fathers legacy and if I was living in Philadelphia I have little doubt that I would be active with that organization also.

Lo and behold when my mother, reading my blog, decided to call a few friends from the Patrons Foundation. Many of them lawyers have come to my aid with much help. I won't go into details at the moment, but after talking to them I feel a lot better about my situation. Nothing has been solved yet, but I have a few people reaching out on my behalf to see if they can assist me.

I will let you all know how this works out. Thanks to everyone who took the time to send me so many emails. I didn't know so many people cared. Thanks again.

Also spoke to the Board of Public Utilities. They don't understand why my case was closed on Friday with PSE&G, when their case was still open. I have many concerns about this bill, like the PSE&G records don't go back more than 3 years - how do they know WHEN my meter began?

There were people living in my apartment before me when I moved into the building. AM I getting billed for the last time they read the meter? How do we know if that wasn't 10 years or 12 years ago, if not longer? At what point are they measuring my meter from 1990? 1991? I moved in the building in 1998. I don't think PSE&G has any idea and are just trying to pull the wool over my eyes.


i wouldn't be slaving to pay your bill if i were u, definitely fight it or get to the bottom of it. Instead, put that 8-10grand towards a down payment on a piece of real estate so you don't have to worry about roommates anymore! Just a random post from someone who reads your blog once in awhile :)

Hehe. Thanks. Oh, I have been watching the real estate market, but when 1 bedrooms cost 400k in Hoboken, that 8-10k doesn't help much.

Good to hear you've got help fighting this thing. Karma's coming to get them bastiges at PSE&G

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