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I wrote this a few months ago about how to fix MNF.

Today on ESPN, it was reported that the NFL is changing Sunday night games schedules:

The league plans to hold off scheduling Sunday night games in seven of the final eight weeks -- just as playoff races start heating up -- to ensure the best games are played on NBC. The league has long wanted some kind of flexible scheduling, but could never implement one until now.

For Weeks 10-15 and Week 17, the final regular-season weekend, all Sunday games will be listed with start times of 1 p.m. or 4:05-4:15 p.m. ET.

The league must then announce which match will be played Sunday night at least 12 days before the date of the game.

The lone exception is the season finale on Dec. 31, when the switch must be made no later than six days before the game.

This makes more sense for Sunday than Monday, but i'm very excited at the idea that the Sunday night prime-time games will be the good matchups. No more Lions vs Saints matchups which are watched by about 1 million people nationwide.

But, there were some Monday night ideas they listened to
like my "Screw the West Coast" idea. They changed the time from 9pm to 8:40pm. It is a good start, they are gonna test this a bit, and I will bet in about 4 years Monday Night Football is on by 8:25pm..

Beautiful and vapid reporters gone. I'm a big fan of Suzy Kolber, and she and Michele Tafoya were hired to report on Monday Nights.

Of course the NFL, also one of the Eagles haters of the world, read my blog and said, "How can we make the Eagles fans foam at the mouth even more...hey, lets hire Colinsworth to host Sunday Night Football!" I guess the only thing that i'm mildly happy about is that Madden will be there to shut him up. God I hate Chris Collinsworth. Trust me. Watch anytime the Eagles play and he is 99% of the time negative about them. Never has a good thing to say about the Birds. I may hate a football team, but I think i'm fair in my apprasial of other teams.

I'm still waiting to see what they do about halftime. I was wrong about my MTV/ESPN idea only because ESPN is owned by ABC. MTV is owned by Viacom, and Viacom is owned by National Amusements (which has a controlling interest in CBS). I won't hold my breath anytime soon for that joint-project. I still think that ESPN could figure out a way to show a live act (think the Superbowl) every week.

Now that I have my new plasma TV, i'm very jazzed about watching MNF on it next year.

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How did plasma tv installation go? Smoothly?

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