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I can love both fair and brown;040206.JPG
Her whom abundance melts, and her whom want betrays;
Her who loves loneness best, and her who masks and plays;
Her whom the country form'd, and whom the town;
Her who believes, and her who tries;
Her who still weeps with spongy eyes,
And her who is dry cork, and never cries.
I can love her, and her, and you, and you;
I can love any, so she be not true.

John Donne, "The Indifferent", (1572-1631)

The birds are chirping and the trees are blossoming. It was a beautiful spring Sunday in Hoboken, and I wore shorts for the first time this year, while looking for a restaurant to have brunch.

When it comes to breakfast, it easily is my most favorite meal of the day. So many fun choices, from eggs to pancakes to french toast to cereal to soup (yes, we ate soup for breakfast growing up). Many times when I have guests over (heh), I can whip up delicious breakfasts myself. But cooking for yourself is like doing many things alone - it just isn't as fun. So, what I have done many a weekend is try the various brunches in Hoboken at many different restaurants in proximity to my humble abode.

I haven't tried every place in town, but I have been to many. I have tried places like East LA, The Hoboken Gourmet Company, Liberty Bar and Restaurant, Amanda's, The Brass Rail, and Court Street. Yes, I know there are plenty of other places for me to try and I will attempt to visit them all in the next coming weeks and report back.

But my current favorite is....

Court Street.

Boy, oh boy. I don't know if you have been there, but i'm sure its not a very big secret, considering that the entire place is packed every weekend. Today when I arrived, the bar was fairly open, and the seating in the back was about 60% full. I asked the bartender if it was like this all the time, and she mentioned that "It is because of the nice weather, everyone is out doing things". That made sense, because even on my walk up to the bar I noticed that Stinky Sullivan's (yes, it will always be "Stinky's" to me) that the front area was full of people boozing it up in the sun.

This is my second visit to Court Street for brunch. I visit there about once a week, or so, for dinner, and love the wine lists (especially the choices of wine they have by the glass) and food. They simply hit three key points for my dining experience: Taste, Portions and Price. The food is always delicious on a consistent basis. The portions they serve aren't skimpy, and I always walk away full. The price is excellent, you get coffee, fruit, bread and your choice of an entree for one reasonable fixed price.

Of course I have other side considerations to when I dine. I don't forget about important key points like service or atmosphere. As much as service is important, I have found that if the food is delicatable, people are willing to put up with poor service for good food - like people who visit the "Soup Nazi" in New York. The same is true for a good atmosphere, like people who go to "The Madison" and stand outside in line for an hour in cold weather.

Fortunately, those considerations are moot at a restaurant like Court Street. The wait staff are aimable and chatty, and the atmosphere contains zero pretentiousness that other snooty establishments in town like to air.

I found out a tidbit of good news about Court Street this year. Turns out that every summer Court Street closes for brunch on the weekends. Turns out they are going to be open all summer long, Saturday and Sunday, for brunch. On a sweltering hot summer day would you rather be outside wilting in the heat or inside in a nice, cool, air conditioned restaurant eating? Hey, the choice is yours.

I'm not indifferent about it. I will be in Court Street on Sundays, i'm sure.


Oh, on an interesting side note the bartender said to me..."You look familiar... do you have a blog?"

"Yea,", I said sheepishly, ""

"I thought I recognized you, my coworker send me links to read."

I'm no Kevin McCormick, but it certainly is amusing when that happens.


One of my favorites for brunch closed down awhile ago - The Company. Yeah, they were a tad overpriced, but thick-cut bacon and huge buttermilk biscuits aren't available just anywhere. And those firecracker onions... mmmm.

What's the place on 4th and Adams? I've been there a couple times, too. Very good food - but also on the pricey side. But they do the pris fixe thing and include two drinks - so it's not that bad.

A couple friends wanted to go do East LA sometime soon - maybe I'll convince them to do Court Street instead.

The Gaslight is on 4th and Adams.

I used to be a long-time visitor to East LA for brunch, but always felt like "blah" after eating there. Go to Court Street, let me know how it goes.

You should give anthony david's a try...the food is great, the restaurant itself is really cute, and the coffee is totally addicting! I'm also a huge fan of Legal Beans...but they need to hire a new waitstaff...its like they hired high school stoners..but the tomato basil soup is worth it...

I want to try Anthony David's but I usually eat alone and try to hit places that I can just saddle up to a bar (or a booth) and read a newspaper while I eat.

Legal Beans is too far for me. I'm not going to walk to that end of town for brunch. But I did notice on Saturday it was packed, so they must be doing something right.

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