Things I Don't Like At Club H

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I was always one to pontificate about how great Club H is. Looks like the memo got out and it seems like they are letting the whole town workout at the gym.

This is out of control. I'm all for business and making money, but how can a gym justify to its members paying $1,000 a year that the locker room will be packed, all the machines will be crowded and there won't be a single place for you to stretch out besides the basketball court.

The employees at Club H are great. Those at the front desk, the salespeople and the smoothie workers are always friendly and nice to me. There are just a few "bad seed" trainers they need to weed out. Don't get me wrong, most of the trainers I have met are really friendly and do a great job. But a few just spoil it for the rest of them.

Here is a story that happened to me with one trainer we will call "Alfonso".

I'm at the end of my workout talking to "Joel" at Smoothie Bar. Joel and I are talking about how, at the gym, everyone has an opinion on the "best" way to get into shape. Its like some kind of strange evangelism, like everyone beats the pulpit talking down to people on what "YOU" need to do to get into shape. I have found that every body is different. Some people can take a bite of a cupcake and gain 10 pounds, whereas other people can eat sugary cereal for breakfast and still gain muscle (I'm looking at you, John). Everyone is different on how their body processes protein, carbs and fat. I live my the golden rule, "Check your ego at the door" when i'm at the gym. There is always going to be someone in better shape, and just go there to do your own thing and work out the way you want to work out.

Joel is making me my favorite shake, the Mango Tango with Isopure. While talking to the Joel, Alfonso saunters up and Mike says, "Hey, you want one, too?" to Alfonso. Alfonso says, "Nah, that's crap, man. Its all sugar. Blueberry, Protein and Water. That's all I drink."

So I say to Mike and shrug my shoulders, "See? Everyone has an opinion."

Alfonso, being insecure, leaps all over my comment and says to me, "That's right. I have an opinion! You have a six pack?", and gestures to his abs, "I don't THINK so!"

Joel looks at me and gives me a look that says, "Yes, he is a jackass." I really don't have a reply to Alfonso, since he's right. I don't have a six pack. But I am a customer at his gym and I didn't expect a trainer to be so rude. Plus I seriously question if his six pack was the result of ONLY diet and working out. I don't THINK so!

Another story. A friend of mine, we will name "Ken", is in tremendous shape. He is on the next level when it comes to dieting and working out. He is using two 100 pound dumbells for working out his chest on a partially elevated bench. His girlfriend was spotting him. He completed the set, brought the weights down to his knees and then put them the floor. Yes, they make a "thud", because the floors at club H use tiles, not rubber mats like many other good gyms should. There is a trainer at the next bench (one of the nicer ones) who doesn't say a word. A older trainer, from across the room, hears the noise and immediately yelling at him, "DON'T DROP THE WEIGHTS!" The older trainer has a habit of trying to talk down to guys shorter than him. He made the mistake once of trying to yell at an enormous steroid looking guy for dropping a weight & accusing him of using weights too heavy for him. That didn't turn out so well when the big guy yelled back "Fuck you! You think I can't lift the weight? Come say it to my face! Come over here and I'll kick your ass and crush you like a bug!" The older trainer slinked away.

How about the universal "towel" rule? You are working out at a machine or bench. You put your towel on it to tell everyone "This is occupied". If someone wants to work out on it, most people ask around "Are you working out here?" If they find out who is working out, they ask "Hey, can I work in with you?" Most of the clients at Club H and the better trainers know this unwritten rule. There are times I walk to get a drink of water at the fountain and come back to see a trainer and his $80 per hour protegee using the bench, with my towel knocked to the floor. I'm not alone hereI have seen this a few times now and I don't like how the trainers act like they own the place. 95% of the people who work out there are usually very polite to each other. People say "Please" and "Thank you". The trainers need a lesson in manners.

Other nagging points are how they bolted the benches to the floor. I can understand the reasoning, but its a gym. There have been lots of time I have needed a Roman Chair, but it was in use. I would carry the chair to where I needed it, use it, and return it. I'm sure i'm in the minority, and others just leave equipment all over the place. How about a compromise here, you have some bolted and some that can be moved?

Also some friends of mine had their lockers broken into. I heard some people have lost IPODs and Jackets from lockers. They complained to the staff and they did nothing about it. Why not at least put some security cameras on the public lockers outside the locker rooms? I know you can't have cameras inside the locker rooms, but at least this will keep a certain level of security for the public lockers.

You may be thinking, "Then quit the gym!". Sadly, I just can't see myself working out in the basement of NYSC or the tiny Empire gym quite yet. Club H knows they hit pay dirt with their design and amenities. If a new gym opened up to compete with Club H, I think they would make a tremendous amount of money. I know i'm not alone in saying that there are a lot of people out there who are dissatisfied with the crowded conditions and the rude trainers who work there. Again, I used to be a big fan of Club H, but it is going downhill.

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I agree with you...i feel like club h is going downhill as well....the class schedule never changes and i feel as though they never switch up the classes...if anything, they only change the class names. not very innovative, and its boring. i even wrote to them voicing my concern, and never got a reply back. also, i've noticed that the tv's on the cardio decks are always broken or in need of repair.

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