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We walk the streets at night
We go where eagles dare
They pick up every movement
They pick up every loser
With jaded eyes and features
You think they really care?

I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch
You better think about it baby
I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch
You better think about it baby, babe

"Where Eagles Dare", The Misfits - I downloaded this song last night off iTunes. Its fucking awesome.

When I wrote my entry "Things I Don't Like At Club H" I expected that someday in the future i'd have someone from Club H say something.

I didn't expect it would happen 7 hours after I wrote the damn thing.

I was doing my normal Wednesday workout, and just finished up. I was walking out of the exercise area, past the front desk when a trainer walked past me and I heard him say something.

Now, like I have wrote a trillion times - I'm extremely bad noticing people when they walk by me. Yes, I saw a trainer. No, I had no idea he was talking to me. I thought he said something to the front desk and I walked right by him to the smoothie bar so I could bug Amanda into making me a Mango Tango (actually I didn't even have to ask her, she started making one as soon as she saw me...she's the best).

Anyhow, the trainer moved on by the time I reached the smoothie bar and the front desk girl gives me "a look". She didn't even have to say anything I knew what that look was...I said to her, "Was he talking to you or me??", She replied back, "You!" and smiled. Flustered and embarassed I go to the trainer and immediately apologize, telling him that I thought he was talking to the front desk girl. He was very nice about it.

It wasn't "Alfonso" or "The older trainer", but he said that what I wrote was very interesting. I won't go into details about our conversation, but it was a positive chat about what I wrote. I was amazed that he read my site so fast, I don't think he is a "regular" reader. I guess someone must have forwarded him my post. I should vent more about stuff I don't like in Hoboken, maybe the word will get out and people will read!

Nah...I can do that on hobokenchat.com I guess...

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