Mea Culpa

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One of the problems with my blog is that I sometimes don't understand the fine line between honesty and being rude. I wrote a few months ago about my cousin's show, The Loop, basically saying that it wasn't that great, and I hoped it would get better with time.

Sadly, the only part that was read by my family members and relatives was the "It wasn't great" part. This turned into a few emails to me about how I shouldn't have said that and that i'm a terrible son/brother/cousin/nephew for writing it.

This isn't the first time. A few of my older stories contain changed names. The people reading those entries, get extremely angry when their stories are online, even if only a handful of people in town may actually know who I am writing about. It is hard to share the tales of my life without addressing the people within them.

So it comes down to a conundrum. How can I write about my life, and my feelings without being honest? Certainly tact comes into play, which was never my strong suit. I'm much worse in person, where I will say exactly what I am thinking with nary a filter between my brain and my mouth. It gets even worse when I'm hanging out with Captain Morgan.

At least with writing I have the chance to review what i'm writing about, edit it and try to think about the audience. But even then I still make gaffes.

So this is a formal mea culpa for my cousin Pam, who doesn't read my blog, but her mother does from time to time. Even though I have written favorably of her works in the past, and wanted to give an honest, but not overly critical review of her TV show, I should have used better judgement in how I wrote it.

For those of you keeping score at home, Pam's TV show "The Loop" has been picked up by Fox for another season.

Congrats Pam! Please accept my mea maxima culpa for ever doubting your show.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of sarcasm and wit directed towards non-family members.

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