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I went to a meeting for Mikie Squared on Sunday. It was our first staff meeting.

We had the owners, the bar manager, the floor manager, the overall manager, and the employees all gathered in the newly renovated bar. It was a meet & greet time for everyone to say hello and fill out some paper work. The owners went over the rules & expectations of the staff.

Where do I start?

First, the bar is still the way everyone will remember it. But everything has been cleaned up & painted. The bar has been re-sanded & will be stained and sealed soon. The ceiling was removed and the original tin ceiling has been painted and restored. The area behind the bar has wine racks, instead of mirrors. Most of the TVs are gone and will be replaced by 3 large plasma TVs behind the bar. The dartbone is gone and will be replaced by a nice seating area in front by the bay windows. We have wonderful new comfortable chairs for sitting outside. They will be building an retractable awning to cover the sidewalk on rainy days.

Second, the bar is more upscale but not pretentious. The owners are really focusing on the simple idea of "the customer comes first" like the staff did at Dipper's. We want a professional but fun atmosphere. There will be a dress code for the employees (all black) & black polo shirts with "Mikie Squared". The food is going to be bar food, but the key will be FRESH. Fresh burgers, wings that are meaty, tasty ribs and delicious salads. Also there will be specialty drinks - mojitos, frozen margaritas & pina coladas, martinis and sangria. We will have an extensive wine list, great wines by the glass (with a vaccum system to keep it FRESH) and PORT wine. I told them to get Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Old Tawny for me.

Third, the name. In case you haven't heard the owner's name is Mike. His son is Mikie. The bar is Mikie...squared. It was "the best we could do on short notice" as Mike said. It is a trillion times better than working under the name "Dipper's". Maybe if we were serving ice cream Dipper's would have been a great name...

Lots of ideas are bouncing around. The owners are interested in all sorts of things to try. It was like when we first opened up Dipper's - everyone is involved and excited. I, myself, feel very happy to be working there only because both the owners have been extremely nice with me. They have been nice enough to let me keep working on Saturday nights (I might be doing some Fridays, too) and I might do some fill-in work during the week.

They expect to be open very soon. No official word yet, but if everything goes as planned, they hope to be open this weekend. After seeing the bar and the kitchen - I think the BAR could be open by the weekend, but the kitchen might need some work. Who knows? We certainly want the old regulars back to the bar along with a new crowd of people. I think Larry is getting his own monogrammed chair, along with a personalized Guinness glass.

I will keep you updated with the grand opening and get some pictures on the site when I can.


Hi Furey, great blog. I finally registerd to ask you if Mile Squared has any problem with you using Mikie Squared.

I'm just working there, so I don't know. I hope not. I'm sure people will be able to figure out the difference between "Mile" and "Mikie". :)

Do you live in the same town I have for 5 years? I know people who still call Buskers Miss Kittys. Don't you remember what happened to Steve at Rodeo (as in drive) with the Rodeo (as in cowboys) bar in Manhatten?

There are alot of vapid people here in town as you probably know. I'm looking forward to going to Mikie's with my girls though. Sounds like you guys have a great set up going, sports bar with some class is what I read. Am I correct? More for the late 20's - 40's crowd who don't do shots of kamakazi's and sex on the beach?

I'm beyond sick of the PATH trifecta and uptown. I don't even go out of the house on a Friday or Saturday when it's nice out because of the tourists. This town needs a new 'scene' and it looks like they tapped it, who knows though, mabye I am just getting older. I moved here at 22 and now I'm 27. I celebrated my 5 year in February.

I'll be hanging out in Manhatten more now that I can no longer smoke in Jersey. I recently was in a neighborhood I went to school in and my favorite bar was closed. Smoking was my main reason for hanging out in bars here in town. Unlike you, I liked it being a smoker.

By the way, Salmon Run makes a fantastic and cheap resling that I love. Great with a goat chese salad and some sun, hell, it's great for sitting on your fire escape on a hot night. Just a suggestion, are they taking any?

By the way, how do I make a paragraph here? I tried everyhting I knew but it didn't work. I couldnt find a FAQ page here anywhere.

Nevermind, they just don't come up in the preview :: smacking herself upside the head now that she's seen the final prouduct ::

Been here 11 years. I don't call Miss Kitty's that anymore. I move on. I guess I get what you mean, for the first year i'm sure people are gonna say "I'm going to Mikie's Squared...you know...Dipper's..."

More than likely it will just be referred to as "Mikie's".

As for the Hoboken/New York comparisons - there are none. New York certainly is great, but for me - i'd rather pay $4 for a beer and have a friendly bartender & crowd at places like Mikie's, Farside and Moran's than go to a similar bar in New York. The PATH at 3am sucks compared to a 3-5 block walk in Hoboken at the same hour.

You just havn't been to the right places in NYC. Take Rudy's, for instance, it's on 9 between 43 - 46, I can never remember exactly and it's on the Jersey (east) side of the street, can't miss it, big fat pig named Barron VonMcSwine outside. They have $8 pitchers, $3 bottles of Bud and $2.50 cans of PBR, they serve free hot dogs, pop corn and goldfish. In the back is a beer garden and since there is no waitress service it is not considered a workspace so I can smoke, the beer garden is open year round. I know the bouncer and a few of the bartenders and they're all nice to me.

I agree with you that the commute home sucks but it's worth going there and leaving at midnight or so an a weekend so you can make last call in Hoboken. Which bartenders do you know at Morans? A friend of mine and I go there sometimes and we know Chuck and Tom.

By the way, you said you were purging your crap, have you heard of Hoboken Freecycle, I just thought of it. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freecycle-hoboken/ ?

Chuck, Tom (The Jinx of Jinxes story - search for it), Kevin, Lenny they all know me, been drinking there since I moved here & played in the dart league.

Its not a question of me not liking NYC bars. I just like seeing the regulars of those bars & the staff. I despise smoking (I was a smoker for 10 years), so i'm happy to go to any smoke-free bars in Hoboken.

To get to Rudy's, i'd take a bus to the Port Authority. Easily a 15-20 minute process. I have taken buses at midnight, its a 20-30 minute wait at that time, with a 10-15 minute ride home (tunnel is faster at night).

Hoboken has what I need. Beer. Women. Convienence. If I wanted to go out in New York, i'd live there.

Amen with the non-NYC comments, Furey. People ask me all the time why I don't go out in NYC and the simple answer is that I don't have to! Hoboken has a good enough bar scene to keep me happy and I definitely enjoy seeing the same group out week to week (patrons and bar staff alike).
For Mikie's I hope they do well. If they have extensive wines by the glass I can definitely see meeting people there after work! I'm not a big fan of the decor (what little I can see from the windows) but I'm sure it will look a ton better when lit properly and fully renovated. I can't say I'm happy that Dippers is gone, for ALL of the problems it had you guys managed to have a great staff and I miss that the most. Although I don't mind hopping from bar to bar to see everyone, I'll miss the convenience of having you guys all in one spot!
Best of luck and I'm sure we'll stop in to check it out (well some of us will, others may take longer to get over their loss :D)

Holy crap this can become an addiction if your not careful. I was just about to do something but I thought about checking here first. I've started to blog on my myspace (I have a college age brother, its the only way I can keep in touch with him) and thats also going to be an addiction.

I'm not saying I dislike going out in Hoboken it's just the times I get together with friends from LI, I'm a Manhasset transplant, or cousins that live in Queens/Broooklyn we prefer going out in Manhatten. I'm a semi-regular at some places and I get the same Hoboken regular feel there, especally at my uncles old bar, the Carlo East on LEX in the 80's, the new owner knows me and loves our family still. I guess since I grew up going to bars in Manhatten you'll never get me out of going there. I love Hoboken bars all the same, I just need variety.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the soft opening, I'll show up with a friend or two and introduce myself to you then.

I'm not saying this to be rude, but it is "Manhattan". But I have spelling mistakes all over my blog - hehe.

I hear ya on going out in Manhattan. Most of my friends are in Hoboken, so my NYC nights are few and far between.

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