New Beginning

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It is a wonderful thing to experience a new beginning. It can come in many forms, and this weekend was the soft open for Mikie's Squared.

Chaos reigned supreme. Glasses, bottles, water, leaks and confusion were on the menu. I didn't have to bear the brunt of working the Friday night shift. I stopped in and watched as the new bartenders, managers and owners all grappled behind the bar with the small crowd of 30 or so people. I smiled a small smile watching them try to cope with the situation and ruefully wondered what I was in for on Saturday night. The new POS system was a bit intimidating. The restock of the bar placed new bottles in new coolers (to me), and I knew it would be a while before the bar found its legs and rythym.

Saturday soon approached and my shift was from 6:30pm to 3am. After watching Friday night, I actually went in with a good attitude and was excited to be behind the bar. For the patrons on the other side of the bar, many don't realize that there a lot of fun to bartending. You get to goof off and entertain people while they give you money. Sure, there are downsides. Service industry is a service industry, but when you have been doing these kind of jobs all your life, serving people is like breathing. There are some people who can't do it. Maybe its ego or pride or work ethic. Hey, the moment is stops being fun is the moment I quit.

The beginning of the night wasn't smooth. The new POS system took a bit to get used to. I didn't quite understand that I could just take cash and use it like a register. So I started my first few customers on credit card tabs. Poor Timmy Flynn. He was the first regular I saw and was a good sport about it.

It was nice actually, a lot of regulars either stopped in for a drink or to say hello. The bar is still in a sort of flux. It isn't a finished product, but it certainly is getting there. If you were a regular from Dipper's and walked in - the basic design of the bar is the same, just lacquered, sanded and polished to a greater standard. Gone are the dart board and the Golden Tee machine. Replaced by wine racks, leather booths and plasma TVs. Talking to patrons I had mixed reactions. Nearly every girl I spoke to loved the new changes. They actually LOVED that there wasn't a Golden Tee machine that they lost their boyfriend to for an hour, while they sipped wine at the bar. One boyfriend ruefully said, "If I wanted wine and conversation, I guess I could do that at home, couldn't I?" He had a point, but bars really are about the social interaction without being social, aren't they? We go to a bar to find a sense of community, but keep to our own social circles for the most part.

The night passed and was without any major issues, with exception to some slowness on cashing people out on the new POS system. A new beginning, with new patrons and old. Only time will tell how the residents take to Mikie Squared.


I happen to like the new place a lot. Great feel.

Hopefully it'll succeed.

I passed by it on Sunday and took a peak in. Looked pretty good - I'll stop in soon enough.

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