The Most Popular Shots In Hoboken

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I was trying to come up with a mix list for Mikie's. Some are drinks and some are shots. I'm listing the most common mixes I have run into over the years and excluding the obvious ones, like Kamakazie or Car Bombs.

The most commonly messed up drinks include:
Sex on the Beach
Bay Breeze
Sea Breeze
For a Bay Breeze or Sea Breeze, My trick for remembering the grapefruit over the pineapple was the phrase: "Bay is sweeter than the Sea". Pineapple is sweeter, and that's what's in a Bay Breeze.

The more commonly messed up shots include:
Purple Motherfucker
Buttery Nipple*
Red Headed Slut
Surfer on Acid
Chocolate Cake
Oatmeal Cookie
Baby Guinness*
Mind Eraser*
Jolly Rancher
Alabama Slammer*
Red Death*
Blow Job
Sicilian Kiss*
Incredible Hulk
Liquid Cocaine

*I knew how to make these off the top of my head...

The reason why was it seems that the "new crowd" of people at the bar are just ordering some fucked up shots. Back in the days of Dipper's the most exotic shots we had were SoCo Lime. Oh, sure, we got the occasional kid who would try to order a Scooby Snack and I would suggest they tell me what's in it. They never knew, and I wouldn't make it.

Last Saturday had someone try to order a Purple Motherfucker. I tried really hard not to roll my eyes and suggested a few other more basic ones - the bar was moderately full and speed was the key. They settled on something else.

Then I got another customer, when it was slower. Boy was this fun. He wanted vodka & pineapple. Ok, no problem. I serve it and he takes a taste and says to his girl friend, "Wow, this is weak." I told them to wait a moment.

So I grabbed a rocks glass, filled it up with ice and grabbed a cheap bottle of Barton's Rum to demonstrate a "proper pour". I personally find the 3 second pour is the right pour, some people think 4 seconds is better. Whatever. I know how to pour a drink that will keep 99% of the customers happy. I was dealing with a 1% customer who is used to a heavy handed bartender. I show them 1...2...3 and show how much liquor gets poured. I went on to explain this was what most normal pours are like, and if they want a double, I can pour them a double, but you get charged double.

They said, "No, thanks." and the girl then ordered 5 shots of Jolly Rancher. Again, no idea how to make it. But I had a book with recipes and grabbed it, turned to the page and then asked her, "OK, it says it gets Midori, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry, does that sound right?", She says, "Fine, just make it STRONG!" and she gets her 4 other girlfriends up to the bar.

Ok, maybe she didn't hear me but how strong can I make this? It had Midori and Schnapps. So I pour mostly those two ingredients and a splash of cranberry and serve the 5 shots.

Nope. They aren't happy.

"That doesn't look right!", one exclaimed.

"Just drink it.", the girl who ordered sighed.

I tried to explain that she said STRONG - so I only put a splash of cranberry in there.

They paid their tab and left in a huff right after. I could tell immediately that they were either friends with the owners, just by their attitude. At little while later, I pulled the manager & owners aside and told them the story. Can't please everyone.

So I figured it might be a good idea for the bartenders, and the patrons, to have a shot list. If you order a "Oatmeal Cookie" shot, it will list, for the patron, what will be in the shot. Then we can avoid any issues like this again & help us bartenders remember all the crazy shots.

See any you think are missing? Let me know. Remember I left off the simple stuff, like Kamakazie, Bomb shots, Soco Lime, etc. Also i'm not really including the obscure ones, like a B52 - who orders that?


Here are two that I loved and used to order until Dippers became my regular haunt-
Purple Hooter Shooter-no idea what's in it, but it's purple and sweet. Maybe the same as a purple motherfucker?
Black Hills Gold - which I think is also known as liquid cocaine. This is Goldschlager & Jagermeister mixed together.

My all time favorite drink for ending an extreme night of drinking (and it will make anyone puke about 15 minutes after ingesting it if you're drunk) is a BLUE MOTORCYCLE. Again, no idea beyond Blue Caracao (sp?) but it's delicious!

Blackhouse and Cranberry...keeps the kiddies pleased and dizzy.

I used to get a B-52 once in a while when I was feeling especially funky. I forgot about them until you mentioned them, but now will order one from you next time just because!

3 wise men

Jack Daniels
Jim Beam

Equal parts, over ice shaken and strained into a shot glass. Burns your eyelashes off.

I was in the 'hood of Mikie's last Thursday and you weren't there, bartenders looked at me sideways when I asked for Furey. Nice place altho I think I got high off of the fumes.

Haha. Well I use "Furey" online to give me a small protection of anonymity - but its really not *that* hard to find out who I am. Just shoot me an email. I work on Saturday nights from 7pm-3am at the bar.

I don't have your private e-mail. I thought, by the sound of your childhood stories, that Furey was your nickname since then! I thought you mabye did something to warrant that.

My neighbors Mother was Winkey because for the first month of her life she didn't open an eye. I don't even know her real name. We should call her stubby now though, 8 year ago, when I ws still living at home, she came running over to my house covered in blood. She had stuck her hand into the washing machine while it was on and lopped off part of her finger. I had to fish it out and take her to the hospital. I even rememberd to ice/milk it. Unfortunatly, since it was her last joint they couldn't sew it back on. That was almost as grose as when my brother closed the fish scaler of his swiss army knife on his thumb, from nail to palm. God the blood I saw when I was a kid... I linked to here from a comment on Hoboken411 by the way.

Upper right hand corner of the blog "Email Furey". Just click. :)

Thanks for the gruesome tales. ;)

Holy crap I am a blind asshole, I ws looking for a link also. I'm e-mailing you a pic of what I look like now.

Your welcome, had absolutly nothing to do with anything but your bottle rocket stories have nothing on my friends and I playing dodge ball with basketballs because they brused better. I have parts of my skin that don't freckle or burn anymore because of the scars. Remind me to show you my elbow from 3 weeks ago. I was sparring with my cousin at the bar after a wedding, I fell and got a nice skinned elbow.

Rocky Mountain Motherfucker
Equal Parts - Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Cranberry Juice. It's popular down here in Langhorne near your old neighborhood.

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