They turned off my gas...

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I'm home today.

I woke up to an unusually cold apartment and I figured that my pilot light might have blown out on the gas heater. This can happen from time to time and it is easy to relight.

I took a very cold shower, because the hot water heater is heated by gas also. I went downstairs and tried a few times to fix the pilot light. It wouldn't light. Damn it all to hell. I went to work.

Once I arrived at work my roommate Kristen called me on my cell. I didn't even say hello, I just said, "I know, the pilot light is out and I tried to relight it."

She corrected me and said, "I know. And the stove is out too."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I call PSE&G and they informed me that my 9,800 bill is the 8,000 from October PLUS the last 6 months of charges of Gas and Electric, which *I* haven't paid.


I thought everything was on haitus until PSE&G and the BPU figured this out. The balance they can figure that I owed was $1400 for 6 months. 3 roommates. You do the math.

I had to get the gas back on. I called the billing group and it was a nightmare of calling various departments. FIRST to pay over the phone I had to call a number for the collections group. They told me I had to call the credit card group and get a confirmation number to pay the bill. I call the credit card group and they tell me they don't accept American Express. Then I can't put it all on my MasterCard debit for $1400. I have to make 3 payments ($500, $500 and $400) and get charged $4.95 per payment. Wonderful.

I wanted to be angry, but I couldn't. What's there to get angry about? This is just dumb. Also, the readings were accurate since the electric billing has been verified a few times over the last 6 months with the meter readings & checks. So they aren't estimated.

I paid my bill and called the collections group back. They told me, that someone has to be home for them to turn the gas on. Which makes sense because you don't want them turning the gas on - and finding out your house exploded because someone left the stove running. I told my manager I was going home (remember, i'm like the "Landlord Roommate" - everything is MY pain in the ass to deal with for the apartment), and now i'm trying to work from home as best as I can. I can't leave my apartment until that PSE&G guy shows up.

I did take a picture of myself. Man, I really have to update my blog picture of me. Like my grey hairs? D'oh! At least i'm not losing my hair.

I also shaved that goatee off for the summer. Let my whole face get tan when I golf.

I kind of want to start an anonymous blog. I have "other things going on right now" that i'd love to chat about. Some of you who have emailed me know what i'm talking about. Funny stories from the last few days. I might be able to blog them someday down the line.

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cmon, share your "other things going on"! Why be shy now, just change the names like you usually do..

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