Top 5 Reasons Why The New Apple Store Sucks

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I went to the Apple store at 5th avenue. I needed new earbuds. Just the old, regular crappy earbuds that come with the Ipod, because I lost them at the gym.

What was going to be a simple shop at noon on a Tuesday, turned out to be really annoying.

1. 95% of the people shopping there are morons. Every single person in the store loses about 25 IQ points upon entry. No one can just buy something there, they need it explained to them and spoon fed by the attendants.

2. There were a trillion attendants, who all look like Art School dropouts. Every single one of them were occupied with a customer. As soon as one was free it was like blood in the water of a shark tank amongst the other customers. Someone needs to make some kind of queue help system. Get a tag & you are next in line for help. I was in the store for 30 minutes before I had to wait for a free attendant.

3. I just wanted the Apple brand earbuds. Nothing fancy. Not the Bang and Olufsen or the Nike ones - just the Apple brand ones. I didn't want the Apple ones that had a remote or hung on the back of your neck. I want the ones that came in the original IPOD box. Does the Apple store have this? NO! NO! NO! Oh, they are available ONLINE. But, no, sorry "we don't have them in the store". Are you fucking kidding me? I waited 30 minutes to find this out?

4. The stupid elevator. Ooh! Its like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We need to take the elevator up 10 feet! Wheeeeee! Look if you are old or handicapped - I think the elevator is a great idea. This isn't fucking Disneyland, take the god damn stairs you tourists.

5. The shelving sucks. To see what is on a shelf you have to basically stand away from the shelf about 3 feet, because all the products are below waist level. Ok, fair enough - but the way they position the shelving, you are also BLOCKING the other products behind you. To grab anything, you are bascially knocking people out of your way like 5 year olds. The Apple store product shelving suck.

I left the store and was ready to drop kick someone into the water fountains outside. As an added bonus, what the fuck is up with people on the staircases of this store? They walk slower than Old Man River. No wonder why our country is so fucking overweight - everyone is taking elevators 10 feet or laboriously climbing a set of stairs like they are at the summit of Everest. Even when the guy ahead of me got outside, he S L O W LY made his way out the door, like there wasn't a care in the world! La la la! Its New York City! La la la! I will just shuffle through this door! La la la!

I was at the point of violence at the end of my shopping trip.


Sounds like the new apple store is as bad as TekServe on 23rd & 6th. All their iPod merchandise is behind their counters and they had out color-coded raffle tickets based on what you are looking for/need. I was there for about 5 minutes and blew out of there. From what I just read I think I will be avoiding the apple store as well.

Those stores creep me out - "Genius Bar"? You've got to be kidding me with that. How pretentious can you get. The new store looks cool, but I'm not surprised it's just as inaccessible as the others.

You can get those headphone free of charge as many times as your heart desires off the apple website, but they're absolute crap.

I finally broke down and bought a pair of sony earbuds that wont fall out your ears when you are jogging. I highly recommend them.

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