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After spending all day at home, and waiting for my roommates to take over "PSE&G watch" the gas was turned back late last night.

Only good news is that my company didn't make me use a vacation day for all of this, which is nice.

I spent the day "working from home". Which is almost like work, but I can watch TV and nap if I wanted to. It got me really thinking about WHY I have to go to an office everyday.

Seriously - I can do everything I do at home that I do in the office. I'm thinking of asking my boss if we can experiment with "working at home days" for the summer. Just one day a week where we can work out of our house. Only two problems I can see:
1) We don't have access to the corporate network drive. But I think we can fix this.
2) Not sure if everyone has a PC at home in my department. I assume everyone does, but my luck it will be the one guy who doesn't have a PC that screws this up.

Not sure how the boss will react. Worth a shot, I guess.

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