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Photoshop Britney

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I'm sick of how every magazine is photoshopped & movie stars/famous people aren't real anymore.


Contacting The News


I sent an email to ABC, NBC and CBS news desks about the PSE&G story. I hope they take time to read my email.

I'm waiting for a callback from PSE&G to talk about them not shutting my electricity off on Friday. I'm waiting for the BPU to process my paperwork to see if we have a legal cause to fight here.

This isn't fun.

BPU reviewing my case


Got a bunch of phone calls Friday from an automated system at PSE&G. They are saying i'm 5 payments behind (not true) and can't "guarantee continued service after June 30".

I put in the paperwork Friday to have the Board of Public Utilities legal team review the case and see if it warrants legal action. My arguement which I sent to them centers around the fact that PSE&G haven't checked my electricity over seven years. There were people living in my apartment before me and I don't believe that PSE&G knows where the zero sum begins for my electric usage. If the tenants before me used $5,000 use of electricity and they moved out - how does PSE&G know this if they never checked the meter? I moved in - the meter doesn't reset to zero.

I don't think that the $8,000 that I owe is a proper an accurate count of the electricity that I used. I also believe that PSE&G didn't do enough to warn me of this situation. Just saying on my bill that the bill was an estimate - why didn't I get any follow up mail saying, "Mr. Furey - we haven't checked your meter in three years, please contact ASAP at this number...." I'm getting mail and phone calls now that I owe money, but where was PSE&G's attention to detail before I got into their billing system?

A minor detail of my arguement is that I don't think the $8,000 owed reflects the prorated cost of electricity over the last 7 years. They took the electricity used and multiplied it by today's rates. I'm not thinking its going to be an extreme difference (maybe $7,000 vs $8,000), but i'm still arguing that cost.

Also my last point, which is my weakest point, is the simple fact that I paid my bill over the last 7 years every month and budgeted as such, while living with roommates. I have a hard time believing that if I went to some of my old roommates asking them to pay me back that i'm going to see a dime. Fortunately my current roommates have told me they have no problem paying what they owe and are very sympathetic towards this situation. Even Jon, who is moving out is going to pay what he owes to me and if somehow i'm able to quash this (or dramatically reduce it) I will pay him back.

So Monday is my stressful phone call to the billing group at PSE&G which is always the same. They keep the same attitude of "Fuck you, pay me" whenever I call. Everyone I talk to says the same thing, "DO NOT PAY THEM". But its very stressful for someone like me who has been drilled into his head at an early age about things like credit reports and always paying your bill on time. My biggest fear out of all of this is that my credit gets destroyed over it and I can't get mortgage loans or good rates on credit cards for the next 7 years. Sad isn't it? Losing money, yes that's terrible. But to me even more horrible would be bad credit.

It just looms over my head like a dark cloud since October and I want it over with.

Move To Philly Campaign

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After living in Hoboken for 11 years and really enjoying it, I was reading this ad campaign about Philly. I thought it was very cool, even if New York arts students created it. I happen to be at a point in my life where i'm getting bored with my job (hello, midlife crisis!). Part of me is thinking of a change. Its very hard to just leave New York - I have it extremely good at my job (which I don't really talk about on the blog).

I moved up here in 1994 because we were in a recession and there were no really interesting jobs to be had around Philly. 11 years later the only two things that really keep me here is my job & Hoboken. I am content enough at my job, albeit a bit bored with the monotony of the daily tasks. Hoboken is a good place for a single person - the odds are greatly increased to meet someone. I question if Philly has as good as a scene, but I doubt it. Everytime I invite a friend up to town their head is spinning like on a swivel at all the beautiful women here.

I also muse over the idea of going back to school. Maybe getting an MBA. I have saved up enough over the last few years that I could go back to school full time, if I wanted. But again, not 100% sure if an MBA is something I really want. I'd like to do something more creative in my life. I was thinking like advertising, but then again I don't know anything about the industry.

Then I dream about things like just quitting, travelling the world and writing about my travels. I think that would be a blast. Of course when I run out of money in about 2 years, then I will be back at the same problem.

Overthinking strikes again!

Ocean City's Memory Lane

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I just returned from a wonderful trip to Ocean City, NJ, last weekend.

For the most part, it looks the same. Sure, there are new townhomes and condos. There are some old businesses that shut down or under new ownership. But its just like a familiar friend after all these years.

Arriving on Saturday, once I got to the beautiful townhome on Park Place was to hit the Boardwalk. Saturday was a bit overcast, and not a true "beach day". Walking up on the boardwalk, I wanted to see some of my old haunts. Like The Promenade. I never worked at The Promenade, but Matt was an old employee there during the early 90s. It wasn't the greatest place to work at - but all the kids there were (mostly) college age and there were a ton of them employed at The Promenade. So Matt would always have some kind of "hook" - a party he knew about. Some cute girls he could introduce me to. Anytime that Brad and I would go up to the boardwalk, we would stop by to say hi to Matt and the other employees and owners. 10 years later and nothing much has changed about it. Still the same expensive boardwalk food. I saw one of the owners, but I know she wouldn't remember me, since I never really worked there.

Went into a few other stores and arcades on the boardwalk after the Promenade. I went to Mack and Mancos to get 2 slices of pepperoni pizza. I had forgotten how greasy they were. I had to soak up the grease with napkins (like we used to do even 10 years ago). The crust of that pizza I think just makes it so special. It just has a soft crunch to it that I love. I wolfed down my slices while warily watching the seagulls eye me from above. Is it me or have the seagulls become even MORE aggressive over the years? They have always been bold, but I actually watched one of them swoop down while someone was holding a hoagie and snap it up! I remember seeing seagulls go after food that was unattended or even next to a person - but taking food out of someone's hand? Wow. I was impressed.

I grabbed some fresh lemonaide off the boardwalk. I love those suckers. I drank about 4 of them over the weekend. I wondered how much a fresh lemonaide stand would make right next to the PATH train during the summer.

Another thing that I love about Ocean City is that everyone are Philadelphia sports fans (for good reason, I know). Very rarely i'd spot a Yankees cap. It just added to the sense of "being home" when i'd see a 7 year old on a bike with a Phillies shirt (even if it had Thome on the back) or go into a ball cap store and see about 20 different styles of Philadelphia sports teams caps to choose from. Side rant: I love the 1979 Philadelphia ball cap, but seriously hate the fitted ballcap. Will someone get smart and make the 1979 Phillies adjustable cap?! Is it really asking that much?

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the boardwalk, and about 2 hours on the beach, under the overcast sky. I said, "You really don't need sunlight in order to get a tan." to my friend, thinking in my mind about how even on a cloudy day you can get a tan. She replied with a mischevious grin, "So, with your logic we can get tan at night?" I grumbled and tried to backtrack but she zinged me good.

Saturday night I drove to Somers Point to grab dinner. All the restaurants there have drastically changed or closed, so I had no clue where to go. After about 15 minutes I was coming up on Mac's Restaurant and chuckled to my friend, "I worked there about 18 years ago...", She added, "Oh we are so going there!"

At first I protested, then I remembered that Cass from Trust Me, I'm A Blonde emailed me saying it was under new ownership. What the hell, it could be fun to check out the old cheesy restaurant. I walk in and look around. Flat screen TVs. Hardwood floors. Open, expansive seating. It was gorgeous.

"Good afternoon, sir!", said the matre d' next to me, with two young pretty hostesses next to him.

"Is this Mac's?!", I replied incrediously.

"Yes, sir. Just remodeled two months ago.", he replied.

"Wow.", I was stunned. I sheepishly mumbled, "I worked here about 20 years ago...nice job with the changes. Table for two please."

We sat down, and I was gawking for the first 15 minutes. I kept trying to put what my mind's eye remembered and what I was seeing. It was the same place, but some walls were knocked down, and booth-style seating removed, with everything new-new-new. They gave us a wine list, a martini list and an detailed menu that could satisfy nearly any taste. Bottom line - if you are going to Ocean City and looking for a place to eat, you have to go to Mac's. The only downside is that the prices were a bit expensive for the non-Hobokenite. The meal cost about the same as Court Street would cost. I can see how some Philadelphians would go there and balk at the prices.

After our visit down memory lane, Saturday night was spent digesting and sipping a Pinot Noir, and listening to the waves crash on the beach only 200 yards from the balcony. Very relaxing night.

Sunday I woke up at 9am....for those that know me, yes I did write "9am".

There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was gorgeous. I decided to walk to the Chatterbox for breakfast when Memory Lane #2 shows up - The Sindia Restaurant. I worked at The Sindia in 1986, when I was 14. My first job was dishwashing. The next year I was a busboy. Mac's, in the years I worked there, was the Taj Mahal when compared to The Sindia. Again - my friend was like, "You know we are going to eat here, don't you?!"

We took a hard left and sat outside. We got a very young server, maybe he was 14 years old himself. He was very awkward, and his father came up to us, "Hi! Welcome to The Sindia, i'm the owner and this is my son. It's his first summer as a waiter."

I mentioned to the owner that I worked at the restaurant many years ago, and we chatted a bit. The breakfast menu was surprising and the food was very good, especially for the reasonable prices. I didn't get to check out if they made any changes inside.

After breakfast - it was on to the beach.

Like I said, it was a beautiful day. And I was an idiot again. I have the italian/black irish skin. Once I get a base tan I rarely need any kind of sunscreen...I just soak in the rays and get a dark bronze tan. I was distracted by the arrival of my sister and brother in law, along with their 4 kids. I didn't put anything on and my "base tan" is from the electric beach. 2 hours later and I was told I was looking a bit pink. I didn't want to start off the summer with a bad sunburn, so I got off the beach. I took a shower, put on some 30 SPF sunscreen and went to the boardwalk to play some Putt Putt Golf - at Gilligan's island. I had stiff competition and a Mickelson meltdown on 18 to result in a tie.

Lunch was at The Promenade again. I didn't get over to Voltaco's, I was unhappy about that. I left Ocean City around 4:30pm, thinking that with it being a nice day that I wouldn't hit much traffic. I was making good time until I got near the northern shorepoints at 6pm and then it became a crawl. I got back to Hoboken around 7:15pm.

Fun weekend. I don't know if every weekend i'd like to jet to Ocean City per se, but I do miss the shore.

Ceiling Cat

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Don't ask why I find it funny, I just do. Have a great weekend everyone!

Only A Pennsylvanian Would Understand


I got this email forwarded to me, it sounds like a lot of these PA-isms are more for the rural Pennsylvanians (or as I call it "Pennsyltucky"). I added a few at the end.

You've never referred to Philadelphia as anything but "Philly" and New Jersey has always been "Jersey".

You refer to Pennsylvania as "PA" (pronounced Pee-ay). How many other states do that?

You know how to respond to the question "Djeetyet?" (Didyoueatyet?)

You learned to pronounce Bryn Mawr, Wilkes-Barre, Schuylkill, the Poconos, Tamaqua, Tunkannock, Bala Cynwyd, Duquesne & Monongahela.

You know what a "Mummer" is, and are disappointed if you can't catch at least highlights of the parade.

You know what "Punxsutawney Phil" is, and what it means if he sees his shadow.

The first day of buck & the first day of doe season are school holidays.

You know how to get 'rid' of things and how to read up.

You can use the phrase "fire hall wedding reception" & not even bat an eye.

You can't go to a wedding without hearing the "Chicken Dance," at least one polka & either an Italian song (sung in Italian), or "Hava Nagila."

At least 5 people on your block have electric "candles" in all or most their windows all year long.

You know what a "Hex sign" is.

You know what a "State Store" is, and your out-of-state friends find it incredulous that you can't purchase liquor at the mini-mart.

You own only 4 condiments: salt, pepper, mustard & ketchup.

Words like "hoagie," "crick," "chipped ham," "sticky buns," "shoo-fly pie," "pierogies", "gobs" & "pocketbook" actually mean something to you. That's PA slang.

You can eat cold pizza (even for breakfast) and know others who do the same. (Those from NY find this "barbaric.")

You not only have heard of Birch Beer, but you know it comes in several colors: Red, White, Brown, Gold.

You know several places to purchase or that serve Scrapple, Summer Sausage (Lebanon Bologna), and Hot Bacon Dressing.

You can eat a cold soft pretzel from a street vendor without fear & enjoy it. It almost always comes with mustard.

You know the difference between a cheese steak & a pizza steak sandwich, and know that you can't get a really good one outside PA. Except Atlantic City on the boardwalk.

You live for summer, when street & county fairs signal the beginning of funnel cake season.

Customers ask the waitress for "dippy eggs" for breakfast.

You know that Blue Ball, Intercourse, Paradise, Climax, Bird-in-Hand, Beaver, Moon, Virginville, Mars, and Slippery Rock are PA towns. (and the first 3 were consecutive stops on the Reading RR).

You know what a township, borough, and commonwealth is.

You can identify drivers from New York, New Jersey, or other neighboring states by their unique & irritating driving habits.

A traffic jam is 10 cars waiting to pass a horse-drawn carriage on the highway in Lancaster County.

You know several people who have hit deer more than once.

You carry jumper cables in your car & your female passengers know how to use them.

You still keep kitty litter, starting fluid, de-icer, or a snowbrush in your trunk, even if you live in the south.

Driving is always better in winter because the potholes are filled with snow.

As a kid you built snow forts and leaf piles that were taller than you were.

Your graduating class consisted of mostly Polish, German, & Italian names.

You know beer doesn't grow in a garden but you know where to find a beer garden.

You also know someone who lives "down the lane".


Here are a few that i'll add, for those around Philly:

You know that it is a MAC machine and not an ATM.

You go "down the shore" not "to the beach".

There is only one REAL macot - The Philly Phanatic.

The "Big 5" doesn't refer to the United Nations Security Council (United States, China, France, Russia and The UK), but Big 5 Basketball (Villanova, Temple, LaSalle, Penn and St. Joseph's).

It is normal to drop a bomb on urban squatters.

What? All city police departments don't have calvalry units?

It isn't WATER it is pronounced "WUTTER".

Taylor Ham is a normal side dish with breakfast or an ingredient with Egg & Cheese in breakfast sandwiches.

Tastykakes kicks Hostess's ass. Ring Dings are tasty, but tell me that a Chocolate Junior isn't heaven.

When you travel to other cities, you try in vain to find a radio station as good as 93.3 WMMR or 94.1 WPST.

You not only like watching "Trading Places" for the humor, but also each scene they filmed in Philly.

You remember the days when Yuengling was only sold in Pennsylvania, and its called "LAGER".

Feel free to add your own.

They Say You Can Never Go Home Again


Going down the shore.

An expression only for Philly or South Jersey, but it will be with me for my life, since I am Philly in heart and soul. Someone came up to me at the bar on Saturday night and said, "Can I have a wutter?"061306.jpg

My ears immediately heard her Philadelphia accent and I laughed to myself and said, "You are from Philly, aren't you?", while I poured her a glass of WATER. She nodded sheepishly and replied, "Well, South Jersey."

Looks like I am headed to South Jersey. Ocean City to be exact. I got the keys to a 5 bedroom shore house, from Brad's family. It should be very strange to see how it has changed. I haven't been to Ocean City for at least 10 years, but to me its like home. From 1985-1994 I was there for every single summer.

Maybe you read about Pool Shark For A Day or The Swarm.

Those stories are just the musings of my youth. It was pinnacle of my family's history. During those years it was just like the world was getting better and better. Bigger houses, bigger cars, my Dad having the Midas touch on everything he did. You don't realize how good you have it until its gone. How fortunate that we were to grow up with such great parents, who gave us summer after summer sunning ourselves on the beaches of the Jersey shore.

I'm going to go back. Here are the top 5 things i'm looking forward to for Ocean City, NJ:

1) The Boardwalk. If you haven't seen the boardwalk in Ocean City, you are missing out. Its enormous. Arcades, Movie Theaters, Vendors, Miniature Golf, Waterparks, and more. I have yet to see a cooler boardwalk on the East Coast. Wildwood's boardwalk is too trashy for my tastes.

2) The Beach. I always liked Ocean City because its a Family Town, and the beaches draw a more respectable crowd. Going to beaches like Belmar - it was like going to a gym. The musclehead guidos and the guidettes who love them crawling all over the place is annoying. At Ocean City I just like it more.

3) The Food. Gotta hit Mac and Manco's Pizza and Voltaco's for cheesesteaks. Maybe go to The Chatterbox Restaurant for breakfast.

4) The Memories. I'm going to cruise by 34th street and check out the 7-11 where for years I would be outside on my skateboard trying to rail slide the wooden logs outside of it. Go look at my old rental houses along Wesley Avenue. Go see what happened to some of the old restaurants I used to work at. Take lots of pictures. I'm going to be one of those shoobie tourists this weekend. I don't care.

5) The Quiet. Let me tell you something. Nothing on this Earth is better than the following to me: A big hearty meal, a fine bottle of wine, good company and a serene, beautiful evening. I really want to just sit on a balcony, listen to the waves crash down, sip on some wine and stare at the stars. Forget my worries. Forget my problems. Forget the loud, crazy Hoboken streets and relax.

Ben Roethlisberger Motorcycle Accident

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Not sure if you saw, and I will update as I get reports, but Ben Roethlisberger has been in a motorcycle accident from reports i'm getting.

Here are some news story links:


Early indications are not life threatening:


That's good news. Being an Eagle fan, and on the other side of Pennsylvania, I feel for my AFC brothers and sisters today. I wouldn't want to see McNabb hurt this way either. I hope he is back on his feet soon so we can kick his ass in a Superbowl.

On a side note, good news for Eagle fans: Shawn Andrews has been signed through 2015:

Edited to add:
Roethlisberger was in serious but stable condition in an operating room, the Associated Press reported, citing Dr. Larry Jones, chief of trauma at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. The crash happened in downtown Pittsburgh, on Second Avenue near the 10th Street Bridge.

I'm just wondering. If you are the guy who crashed into Ben's motorcycle would you just keep driving to Ohio right about now? I wouldn't want to be known as the guy (or girl) who just destoyed a franchise.

Just wondering #2: I know if this happened to McNabb i'd have every Philly-hater come dancing to me down the hallways at work with the "bad news". I'd be getting emails and text messages: "Tra-la-la Bad News, Furey! McNabb is now McSquished! Better luck next year, Pal!"

The Search Begins...Again


Just found out that i'm not just losing one roommate, but looks like BOTH are moving out.

Why me? One roomate found his girlfriend because of me and decided to thank me by moving in with her. My other roommate found God and is moving to a convent. Just kidding, she finally realized that New York is cooler than Hoboken and like many before her, she is making the leap into the big city.

I'm seriously thinking of renting a 1 bedroom own condo. I refuse to buy anything right now out of spite for the real estate market. I'm a big real estate bear (since 2000 I have been predicting the sky is falling) and do think the market is headed for a 10-20% correction, still. No real estate purchases for me yet.

Also contemplating just getting new roommates. I put up an ad and already got 4 people lined up to check out the place.

Nothing is more annoying that finding roommates. But, nothing is better than finding cool roommates. I hope my luck holds.

DO you know that this will be roommate #16 and #17?! 11 years living in Hoboken for ya.

I'm just very particular about WHAT kind of condo i'd move into. I don't want to find a place on the dead presidents. I want something relatively new. Doesn't matter if uptown, downtown or midtown. Has to be under $1700 per month. And preferably no fee. Know something?

Email away!

Edited to Add: I also had a good entry about choosing roommates from long ago. Still holds true today.

Hoboken In Mid-90s


When I first moved into Hoboken in 1995, lived at 609 Bloomfield. It was a typical Hoboken townhome (not a brownstone), which was designed for a single family. Our landlord decided to divide it into 3 units, a basement & first floor unit; a second floor unit; and a third floor unit. On the first floor lived 2 college friends with 4 other people. My two college friends and I found the second floor apartment through them.

Our apartment wasn't designed to be a single apartment when it was originally built, and there were some modifications to it - like a very small bathroom with a standup shower. It was the worst shower ever. The shower head came up to my chest (i'm 6'3) and for me to wash my hair I had to duck under the shower head every morning. How miserable. Also the kitchen was pathetic, the stove was about 40 years old and looks like it was cleaned 39 years prior. My "bedroom" was really a hallway - we stuck my twin bed into the middle niche in the wall and in order to get from the second "bedroom" to the living room - you had to walk thru my "bedroom". My privacy was a joke.

This lasted about 8 months until 5 people in Apartment 1 decided to move out. They had two floors and 5 "bedrooms". I use the term "bedroom" loosely because like Apartment 2, the "bedrooms" were orginally designed as closets or dining rooms or living rooms. Apt 1 had 5 bedrooms, two in the basement which were about 8x7. The upstairs had a closet like bedroom which was 8x6, a dining room turned bedroom which was 9x10 and the living room bedroom which was 13x10 (the last people there doubled up in that room).

I don't remember exactly what the total rent was, but my room, the living room bedroom was $500 a month. I know each room were cheaper, like $425 for the dining room, $350 for the other 3 closet like rooms, I believe. I took the larger room and it was pretty sweet. I could fit a couch into the room, and installed an ISDN line for my high-speed internet access. Remember this was 1995 when dial-up modems were only things that geeks used. I got my ISDN line, which ran at 128K digital and would use Bell Atlantic (pre-Verizon) for my internet access.

It was, for all intents and purposes, a fraternity house. Everyone was 22 or 23, and Hoboken, in those days, were really all about drinking. I could clearly remember going to any pub on a weekday night and other 22-28 year olds were out drinking. Monday night. Tuesday night. Wednesday night. People were getting loaded until midnight, 1 or 2 am all across Hoboken. The youthful minority was a fairly sizeable number in town and everyone was in the same boat - just out of college, either working or looking for a job and single.

The town itself was, in my opinion, just starting to blossom. There were a lot of seedy-hole in the wall businesses. But some newer restaurants and bars were starting to emerge.

Some people will get nostalgic and miss those "old days". I can see how the demographics of the town are changing towards more of an older, more wealthy residents. The bars just aren't packed like they used to be with mid-20 something patrons. The new stores that open up simply reflect what the new demographics want. Nail salons. Sushi restaurants. Real estate offices. Hey - a Jamba Juice is coming soon.

Still doesn't stop my dream of seeing a Hooters open up in Hoboken.

Hoboken Clock Tower


I was reading about how Hoboken was going to restore the bell tower at the Hoboken Terminal. When reading about the terminal, it talks about the Beaux-Arts architecture. You can read more of it here. I didn't even know that there was a bell tower at the terminal, so I started to dig around for pictures of what it used to look like. I found this old one:

I also found another drawing here:

Also was able to find a blueprint of the new tower, too:

Pretty interesting stuff, to me. I figured i'd share it with anyone else who liked this sort of thing.

Foiled By Mother Nature

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A week before my BBQ, the weather channel called for partly cloudy day, 20% chance of rain and 72 degrees. Would have been pristine BBQ weather.

Thanks for the weather channel for the update on FRIDAY that on Saturday it was going to rain.

Around Wednesday the weather channel updated their site with "30% chance of showers". Bastards. Seriously, does the 10 day forecast really work? Everyone to to the weather channel today and write down what they think Tuesday will be - Partly cloudy 80 degrees and 20% chance of rain.

I'm only glad I got an email on Friday with "Are you having the BBQ rain or shine?". I didn't even check the weather channel on Friday. When I did, I pulled the trigger immediately.

About four years ago I was hosting a BBQ with two other roommates. Similar situation, with a chance of rain on Saturday. We said screw it and moved forward. The morning of the BBQ we quickly realized that the weather was going to be crappy all day. We already bought like $300 worth of food and couldn't just let it spoil, so we had the BBQ anyhow. We even went as far as to rent a party tent for $150 to cover our backyard. It fit about 15-20 people under the canopy. Out of about 60 people invited, about 15 people showed up. Everyone expected it to be cancelled because of the rain. I expected people to call me and ask, i'm fairly sure even the day before I sent an email saying we were going to have the BBQ rain or shine. I learned from that mistake.

I'm not sure when I can try for a BBQ again. Most of my weekends in June are filling up. I'm planning to hit Ocean City, NJ on June 17th and I have a family reunion on June 24th. Also bartending on Saturday nights makes things difficult, after taking the last Saturday night off.

So much for a summer's start BBQ. I guess the next one will be a Mid-Summer's BBQ instead.


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God, I miss being a kid at this time of the year. Summer was the best feeling ever. That last day of school. The final bus ride. The triumphant walk home where I would throw my green backpack into the air in a celebration of joy. Nothing to do for 3 whole months except watch TV, eat junk food, play on the Atari and ride dirt bikes.

Now, as an "adult" (I will use this term loosely), what comprises my summer "fun"? These are things that I like or want to do if given the chance as an adult:

1) Trips to Vegas. Part of it is the gambling. Part of it is the nightlife. Part of it is just the idea that this is like Disneyworld for Adults. Only thing that would make Vegas perfection is if it were on a coastline with a beach. But the pool scene is great, too.

2) Canoeing & Kayaking on the Delaware Water Gap. I haven't done this for 4 years I think, but it was a lot of fun. Rent a kayak for 2 days. Spend the first 4 hours to get to a campground off the river. Start a bonfire. Listen to some music. Get drunk. Listen to the sounds of the night and the stars in the sky. Celebrate the outdoors. Then wake up, pack and ride the final 4 hours on the kayaks to the end of the river. If anything, i'm more interested in an overnight camping trip this summer, especially if it involves wilderness.

3) The shore. Part of me loves Hoboken in the summer. All quiet & relaxed. But I have been beach bum every summer from when I was 14-21 years old at Ocean City, NJ. I have little interest in getting a share in a shore house with 20 other people and sleeping in a room with 10 snoring adults on air mattresses. Also not a big fan of the northern beaches and the people they attract. Ocean City wasn't a hot spot, but I liked LBI, even if the 1 hour 40 minute drive could get tedious by August. I'd like to try some day trips to the beach if I can this summer, even if it is just hitting the beach for the day and driving back to Hoboken.

4) BBQ. Who doesn't like a BBQ? I'm looking forward to my first one this weekend, assuming that the BBQ still works. If it doesn't work - well looks like Plan "B" is that I will be grilling on my stove.

5) Eating/Drinking outside. On a beautiful summer night, what is better than a great meal followed up by drinks with friends or family - outside? I love it.

6) Golfing. This season started good with my trip to Myrtle Beach and a few golfing excursions. But my golfing time has become severly curtailed due to events outside of my control.

7) Getting tan. Oh sure, I have my "electric beach" for the winter months, but nothing beats a summer tan.

8) 4th of July - basically the best holiday of the year. Christmas rocks, I will give it that, but come on - 4th of July is off the hook if you do it right. I miss the days of the "White Trash Bash" with the guys from Farside. Those days of shutting down 6th and Adams and having various games, food and gambling were the stuff of legends. Watching the fireworks over the Hudson, with the skyline of New York City, its just magical. I find that it is at this time of the year that I really appreciate being alive more than any other time of the year.

9) I'd like to travel more, but keep putting it off. Three places that i'd like to visit soon are England, Greece and something tropical with a beach (Hawaii, Bahamas, etc). Just need a partner in crime, I don't feel like flying solo.

10) Eagles summer camp. Every year I think about going to Lehigh for a day and I don't. One year i'd like to go and watch a practice. Maybe this summer I will do it.

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