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I sent an email to ABC, NBC and CBS news desks about the PSE&G story. I hope they take time to read my email.

I'm waiting for a callback from PSE&G to talk about them not shutting my electricity off on Friday. I'm waiting for the BPU to process my paperwork to see if we have a legal cause to fight here.

This isn't fun.


Furey, I know it isn't a major network, but I can try to hook you up with someone at News 12, NJ? I actually put a message in to someone in LI Corp office.


Sure, why not?

Fruey, I know it was on here somewhere, can you email me just a basic rundown of what happened? Not sure how to get into your archives. :)

Then, I am sending to the big cheeses assistant, and she will send it to the News Director at News 12 NJ.

I created a new PSE&G group, so you can read all the stories there:

Thanks for your help.

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