Foiled By Mother Nature

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A week before my BBQ, the weather channel called for partly cloudy day, 20% chance of rain and 72 degrees. Would have been pristine BBQ weather.

Thanks for the weather channel for the update on FRIDAY that on Saturday it was going to rain.

Around Wednesday the weather channel updated their site with "30% chance of showers". Bastards. Seriously, does the 10 day forecast really work? Everyone to to the weather channel today and write down what they think Tuesday will be - Partly cloudy 80 degrees and 20% chance of rain.

I'm only glad I got an email on Friday with "Are you having the BBQ rain or shine?". I didn't even check the weather channel on Friday. When I did, I pulled the trigger immediately.

About four years ago I was hosting a BBQ with two other roommates. Similar situation, with a chance of rain on Saturday. We said screw it and moved forward. The morning of the BBQ we quickly realized that the weather was going to be crappy all day. We already bought like $300 worth of food and couldn't just let it spoil, so we had the BBQ anyhow. We even went as far as to rent a party tent for $150 to cover our backyard. It fit about 15-20 people under the canopy. Out of about 60 people invited, about 15 people showed up. Everyone expected it to be cancelled because of the rain. I expected people to call me and ask, i'm fairly sure even the day before I sent an email saying we were going to have the BBQ rain or shine. I learned from that mistake.

I'm not sure when I can try for a BBQ again. Most of my weekends in June are filling up. I'm planning to hit Ocean City, NJ on June 17th and I have a family reunion on June 24th. Also bartending on Saturday nights makes things difficult, after taking the last Saturday night off.

So much for a summer's start BBQ. I guess the next one will be a Mid-Summer's BBQ instead.

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