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After living in Hoboken for 11 years and really enjoying it, I was reading this ad campaign about Philly. I thought it was very cool, even if New York arts students created it. I happen to be at a point in my life where i'm getting bored with my job (hello, midlife crisis!). Part of me is thinking of a change. Its very hard to just leave New York - I have it extremely good at my job (which I don't really talk about on the blog).

I moved up here in 1994 because we were in a recession and there were no really interesting jobs to be had around Philly. 11 years later the only two things that really keep me here is my job & Hoboken. I am content enough at my job, albeit a bit bored with the monotony of the daily tasks. Hoboken is a good place for a single person - the odds are greatly increased to meet someone. I question if Philly has as good as a scene, but I doubt it. Everytime I invite a friend up to town their head is spinning like on a swivel at all the beautiful women here.

I also muse over the idea of going back to school. Maybe getting an MBA. I have saved up enough over the last few years that I could go back to school full time, if I wanted. But again, not 100% sure if an MBA is something I really want. I'd like to do something more creative in my life. I was thinking like advertising, but then again I don't know anything about the industry.

Then I dream about things like just quitting, travelling the world and writing about my travels. I think that would be a blast. Of course when I run out of money in about 2 years, then I will be back at the same problem.

Overthinking strikes again!

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