Hoboken Clock Tower

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I was reading about how Hoboken was going to restore the bell tower at the Hoboken Terminal. When reading about the terminal, it talks about the Beaux-Arts architecture. You can read more of it here. I didn't even know that there was a bell tower at the terminal, so I started to dig around for pictures of what it used to look like. I found this old one:

I also found another drawing here:

Also was able to find a blueprint of the new tower, too:

Pretty interesting stuff, to me. I figured i'd share it with anyone else who liked this sort of thing.


When I was at PATH on Saturday I noticed that they are putting up the iron for the tower.

How very "Back To The Future"

That's very cool - I love looking at the old photos and drawings of Hoboken. Great to see they are still trying to preserve/bring back some of it.

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