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God, I miss being a kid at this time of the year. Summer was the best feeling ever. That last day of school. The final bus ride. The triumphant walk home where I would throw my green backpack into the air in a celebration of joy. Nothing to do for 3 whole months except watch TV, eat junk food, play on the Atari and ride dirt bikes.

Now, as an "adult" (I will use this term loosely), what comprises my summer "fun"? These are things that I like or want to do if given the chance as an adult:

1) Trips to Vegas. Part of it is the gambling. Part of it is the nightlife. Part of it is just the idea that this is like Disneyworld for Adults. Only thing that would make Vegas perfection is if it were on a coastline with a beach. But the pool scene is great, too.

2) Canoeing & Kayaking on the Delaware Water Gap. I haven't done this for 4 years I think, but it was a lot of fun. Rent a kayak for 2 days. Spend the first 4 hours to get to a campground off the river. Start a bonfire. Listen to some music. Get drunk. Listen to the sounds of the night and the stars in the sky. Celebrate the outdoors. Then wake up, pack and ride the final 4 hours on the kayaks to the end of the river. If anything, i'm more interested in an overnight camping trip this summer, especially if it involves wilderness.

3) The shore. Part of me loves Hoboken in the summer. All quiet & relaxed. But I have been beach bum every summer from when I was 14-21 years old at Ocean City, NJ. I have little interest in getting a share in a shore house with 20 other people and sleeping in a room with 10 snoring adults on air mattresses. Also not a big fan of the northern beaches and the people they attract. Ocean City wasn't a hot spot, but I liked LBI, even if the 1 hour 40 minute drive could get tedious by August. I'd like to try some day trips to the beach if I can this summer, even if it is just hitting the beach for the day and driving back to Hoboken.

4) BBQ. Who doesn't like a BBQ? I'm looking forward to my first one this weekend, assuming that the BBQ still works. If it doesn't work - well looks like Plan "B" is that I will be grilling on my stove.

5) Eating/Drinking outside. On a beautiful summer night, what is better than a great meal followed up by drinks with friends or family - outside? I love it.

6) Golfing. This season started good with my trip to Myrtle Beach and a few golfing excursions. But my golfing time has become severly curtailed due to events outside of my control.

7) Getting tan. Oh sure, I have my "electric beach" for the winter months, but nothing beats a summer tan.

8) 4th of July - basically the best holiday of the year. Christmas rocks, I will give it that, but come on - 4th of July is off the hook if you do it right. I miss the days of the "White Trash Bash" with the guys from Farside. Those days of shutting down 6th and Adams and having various games, food and gambling were the stuff of legends. Watching the fireworks over the Hudson, with the skyline of New York City, its just magical. I find that it is at this time of the year that I really appreciate being alive more than any other time of the year.

9) I'd like to travel more, but keep putting it off. Three places that i'd like to visit soon are England, Greece and something tropical with a beach (Hawaii, Bahamas, etc). Just need a partner in crime, I don't feel like flying solo.

10) Eagles summer camp. Every year I think about going to Lehigh for a day and I don't. One year i'd like to go and watch a practice. Maybe this summer I will do it.

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