The Search Begins...Again

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Just found out that i'm not just losing one roommate, but looks like BOTH are moving out.

Why me? One roomate found his girlfriend because of me and decided to thank me by moving in with her. My other roommate found God and is moving to a convent. Just kidding, she finally realized that New York is cooler than Hoboken and like many before her, she is making the leap into the big city.

I'm seriously thinking of renting a 1 bedroom own condo. I refuse to buy anything right now out of spite for the real estate market. I'm a big real estate bear (since 2000 I have been predicting the sky is falling) and do think the market is headed for a 10-20% correction, still. No real estate purchases for me yet.

Also contemplating just getting new roommates. I put up an ad and already got 4 people lined up to check out the place.

Nothing is more annoying that finding roommates. But, nothing is better than finding cool roommates. I hope my luck holds.

DO you know that this will be roommate #16 and #17?! 11 years living in Hoboken for ya.

I'm just very particular about WHAT kind of condo i'd move into. I don't want to find a place on the dead presidents. I want something relatively new. Doesn't matter if uptown, downtown or midtown. Has to be under $1700 per month. And preferably no fee. Know something?

Email away!

Edited to Add: I also had a good entry about choosing roommates from long ago. Still holds true today.


Um, correction, the roommate met his girlfriend thanks to ME!!! :)

As for apts, look at the Grand Adams and Hudson place south. They're around 1700-2000. I'm particularly interested in Hudson place south.

I like the shipyard too, I just don't want to commute from there.

Yes, but had I not KNOWN you - he would have never met her.

is there an article on how your rommmate met his gf through you?

Man, it's always about you, isn't it. ;p

Its my world, you are only living in it.

Janine - no, I didn't write that one. I try to refrain from writing too much personal stuff up here about other people (if I can help it).

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