They Say You Can Never Go Home Again

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Going down the shore.

An expression only for Philly or South Jersey, but it will be with me for my life, since I am Philly in heart and soul. Someone came up to me at the bar on Saturday night and said, "Can I have a wutter?"061306.jpg

My ears immediately heard her Philadelphia accent and I laughed to myself and said, "You are from Philly, aren't you?", while I poured her a glass of WATER. She nodded sheepishly and replied, "Well, South Jersey."

Looks like I am headed to South Jersey. Ocean City to be exact. I got the keys to a 5 bedroom shore house, from Brad's family. It should be very strange to see how it has changed. I haven't been to Ocean City for at least 10 years, but to me its like home. From 1985-1994 I was there for every single summer.

Maybe you read about Pool Shark For A Day or The Swarm.

Those stories are just the musings of my youth. It was pinnacle of my family's history. During those years it was just like the world was getting better and better. Bigger houses, bigger cars, my Dad having the Midas touch on everything he did. You don't realize how good you have it until its gone. How fortunate that we were to grow up with such great parents, who gave us summer after summer sunning ourselves on the beaches of the Jersey shore.

I'm going to go back. Here are the top 5 things i'm looking forward to for Ocean City, NJ:

1) The Boardwalk. If you haven't seen the boardwalk in Ocean City, you are missing out. Its enormous. Arcades, Movie Theaters, Vendors, Miniature Golf, Waterparks, and more. I have yet to see a cooler boardwalk on the East Coast. Wildwood's boardwalk is too trashy for my tastes.

2) The Beach. I always liked Ocean City because its a Family Town, and the beaches draw a more respectable crowd. Going to beaches like Belmar - it was like going to a gym. The musclehead guidos and the guidettes who love them crawling all over the place is annoying. At Ocean City I just like it more.

3) The Food. Gotta hit Mac and Manco's Pizza and Voltaco's for cheesesteaks. Maybe go to The Chatterbox Restaurant for breakfast.

4) The Memories. I'm going to cruise by 34th street and check out the 7-11 where for years I would be outside on my skateboard trying to rail slide the wooden logs outside of it. Go look at my old rental houses along Wesley Avenue. Go see what happened to some of the old restaurants I used to work at. Take lots of pictures. I'm going to be one of those shoobie tourists this weekend. I don't care.

5) The Quiet. Let me tell you something. Nothing on this Earth is better than the following to me: A big hearty meal, a fine bottle of wine, good company and a serene, beautiful evening. I really want to just sit on a balcony, listen to the waves crash down, sip on some wine and stare at the stars. Forget my worries. Forget my problems. Forget the loud, crazy Hoboken streets and relax.


Shoot me an email and we will meet up.

BTW, Macs in Somers Point is under new ownership and completely renovated. You had asked last time we corresponded.

Wait until you see all of the new homes and positive change to OC! You also forgot to mention yummy Bob's Lemonade and Johnsons Popcorn.

Have a safe trip and give me a shout! We may be neighbors...

things have changed. I spent summers from the age of 5 till I was 23 in OC, then moved over to Avalon. I go back at least once a summer, usually a brother or sister rents a place down there and I hit the boardwalk with my nieces and nephews. Don't forget to visit Old Salt (the "skinny" end of the boardwalk) I worked there between my jr and sr year of HS. I wasn't much of a 34th street person accept for the tennis courts at the park there, usually I didn't budge above 22nd street. I also, know the Gardens very well, North Street Beach baby!!!!!

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