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Week of vacation and i'm online at 4am writing on the blog...

I find the blog to be my outlet in life.

When I was younger I would write a lot, either with a leather bound journal in which I would write poetry or perhaps a "dream log" that i'd keep next to my bed and write what I dreamed about the next day. The blog is fun, and I always try to be 100% honest when I write.

But I have noticed over the years of writing on this site a few trueisms. Like I really can't write about everything I know. I would betray trusts and be no better than a gossiper. Also my family, friends and some girlfriends have kindly asked that I leave certain elements of their lives off my blog. I respect this and either try to change names or specific events if I really feel the need to write about something that involves them. Other times I may write about a specific event, which amongst my friends would be common knowledge, and to the unknown readers who visit her each day rarely will know what or who I am talking about.

So imagine my surprise tonight when i'm talking to a friend of mine...lets call him "Marty". I was joking around with Marty and he said between laughs, "You wrote about me a year ago, you remember that entry?", I was like, "Yea, when you [redacted]."

He went on, "It was a funny story and its not like it was some secret, but it turns out that a co-worker happened upon your website from He read the story and now everyone at works knows about that story, too. I'm not mad, it was a funny entry, but I was freaking out because the coworker wouldn't tell me for the longest time how he found out about that story - he doesn't even live in town! One day he confessed and told me he read your blog. He loves your site and reads it all the time."

My first reaction was me thinking, "Cool, someone likes reading my blog."

My second reaction was, "Damn, I gotta be more careful."

I doubt it really means i'm gonna be changing much on the site, but I certainly think I gotta be more careful with using people's real names in my entries. I will protect the innocent when choosing to use names. But if someone is a complete jackass to me or my friends, I will use real names when I post.

But, my life is an open book. Here are some updates...

PSE&G called me today and left a message. It was from a person in the executive office that I spoke to over the last 10 months, the same woman with the "Fuck you, pay me" responses (no, she really didn't say that but it's what their attitude has been). I don't know if this is good or bad but she said she had some "new information and wanted to talk to me about resolving this matter". I don't know what it means, but I called her back and left her a voicemail. I'll keep you informed.

Interesting side note. Do you, my loyal and growing readership, know of someone who is interested in a slightly used 27" Sony WEGA TV? It was my old TV before I got the plasma, and it seriously is a great TV. I will sell it to my philly2hoboken readers for a mere $250. Think of it like, "I'm helping Furey pay off his PSE&G bill". If not for me, do it for my future children!

If you haven't heard the news my roommate Kri...oh fuck it...KRISTEN is getting a puppy. She thought about getting a cat, but I wasn't terribly keen on that idea considering that her room looks like there was an explosion at the J. Crew factory. Add a cat along with her questionable cleaning skills and we have a recipe for toxoplasmosis. I can't die yet, I have to stay alive to entertain all of you.

So puppy we agreed on. I had to sway her from certain dogs she liked, because of my own selfish reasons. I know i'm gonna be stuck with helping her walk the mutt, so if she got some fruity dog like a pug (which are great dogs, but scream "I'm gay" or "i'm a whipped boyfriend" when a guy walks them in Hoboken) or a French bulldog - that would suck for me. I need a cute, fun and playful pooch to score more phone numbers off women.

We went a few rounds via email about what kind of dog to get. She likes boxers (as do I), but thought it would be too large for our apartment. After a few more rounds of me trying to convince her that a Rottweiler would be a really cool dog, she decided on a Cocker Spaniel. I really don't know the breed very well. But from what I have read they are like the Delta Gammas of the dog world - fun, friendly and not the sharpest tool in the shed, but not a dope either. Sorry DG's - we love you girls, don't be insulted.

She found a chocolate colored one, and it should be joining us in about a week. I will make sure to take pictures and upload them.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!


I have had what other friends write and/or pics come back and bite me in the ass. That is why my name and my pic won't be found anywhere.

I like that you gave into getting a dog. I always talk to guys that walk dogs whether it is their's or not. Chicks dig guys with dogs.

watch out for the cocker spaniel -these dogs are sweet but the can become very jealous and snap. They are also prone to ear infections (lots of trips to the vet). Be sure to pick up all your shoes and anything else you don't want chewed up. Also, I would baby "puppy" proof you place, ie. electrical cords (puppies love to bit on them)

I figure with electrical cords I will just let Darwin's Survival Of The Fittest apply here. If the dog was meant to survive an electrical charge, then so be it.

Just kidding. I will watch for that. :)

I totally understand the whole self-censorship thing. It can be very difficult. But it's also the reason I abandoned my attempt to keep things "anonymous" very early on. It makes it much easier for me to decide whether or not to write about something when I just assume that anyone who could possibly find out will.

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