PATH Terrorist Bombing

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I was out of work last week and hence - no time for blog entries while I was home.

Interesting news story, and i'm blogging a bit late here, was the plot for a bombing on or around 9/11/06 of the PATH train while under the Hudson River. I already had scheduled the week of September 4-8 off for vacation. I just added September 11, today. I'm sure an attack can come at anywhere or at anytime, but I figure i'd like the peace of mind.

A few thoughts from my perspective, since I take the PATH every day and would be affected by this.

First, if 15-20 guys of middle Eastern descent walked into the Hoboken PATH terminal with large satchels or backpacks there is about a very low percent chance that they would make it to a train. We have cops all over the station during rush hour for the last four years. Some days they have random bag screenings. Some days they are wearing body armor and carrying semi-automatic rifles. Other days maybes its 2 patrolmen standing outside by the stairs. I just don't see it happening, just because they would stand out amongst the Hoboken commuters like a sore thumb. Could you imagine on 9/11 fifteen middle eastern guys walking around a PATH terminal with large backpacks?! I just think someone would say something in this day and age - I know that I would freak out and be running for the cops if I saw that.

I have been taking the PATH for the last 5 years. I used to take the 126 NJ Transit bus into work, but the tunnel traffic is so unpredictable at 8am that I stopped due to being late for work. If the terrorists did get a bomb off around 8-8:30am, there is a fairly good chance that i'd be caught in it.

I know full well that working in New York makes my chances of dying to such a situation much greater than most other people in other major cities. I'm well aware that every month that passes living here it's like a timebomb. What can you do? Leave?

Sure, I guess I could leave New York but maybe it is a "it can't happen to me" attitude or just a grim reality that keeps me here. I feel like even with the threat out there i'm not gonna run away. I mean, sure, if they detonated a dirty bomb - I wouldn't be sticking around New York after that. If I could choose anywhere to live with the same job I have now, along with the same money i'm making - i'd probably be someplace else. But the reality is that after living in Hoboken for 11 years I have become comfortable with a lot of things up here. My job is fairly easy. I have a bunch of friends up here. I'm single. I have a life that I have grown accustomed to. Maybe if I met someone special and we thought about a new place to be - i'd entertain the possibility of moving. But for now i'm not going anywhere, terrorism or no terrorism.

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