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Spoke to PSE&G today, they told me the estimate has been for the last 6 years (I wrote before that it was 7 years).

They were willing to reduce my bill $1,000 (to $7,000) to settle over this matter. I told them that I was willing to pay 1/3 of the total cost (1/3 of $8,000 or $2,666), since, to me, that was what I was responsible for the last 6 years being 1 of 3 roommates. Giving me a $1,000 reduction means shit to me. Still means that i'm going to be paying for my old roommates who I strongly suspect won't give me a dime to pay me back. Thank God that Jon and Kristen have been cool about this situation. Even with Jon moving out, he is paying me back before he leaves.

I told the woman that in 6 years I never received one notice outside my normal bill saying, "Mr. Furey - we notice that your bill has been estimated by xx months, please call us to schedule a reading."

She went back to the tired response they keep using, "But it said 'estimated' on your bill, sir."

I told her that I have been paying that bill every month for the last 7 years, and budgeted as such. Tried to explain that I live with roommates and that I would be assuming the total cost for that bill. Also went on to tell her that I don't think PSE&G knows where my estimate begins. Again, she could care less and wouldn't budge from $1,000 (and she made that amount sound like she was giving me the world).

I informed her that I have already filed for the BPU to review this case about going to court. Now we wait and see.

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