10 Days until 2006 Eagles Season Begins!

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I have off from work tomorrow and off all next week. Posting might be very light.

Meeting the owner of Mulligan's tonight to talk about food and drink specials at the bar. We spoke over the phone yesterday and he was very excited about getting The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken for next season. He already had people coming up to him saying, "I heard that the Eagles Club is going to be here next year". He was shocked how quickly word got around Hoboken.

I hope to have a nice draft special and a buffalo wings special (since they are near and dear to my heart). I will keep everyone informed.

First Eagles meeting is in 10 days on Sept 10th at 1pm! Like I have been warning people for the last 2 years: Get there early if you want a seat (I'd recommend 45 minutes early). Last year, at Dipper's, we had 90 people in the bar for Week 1. I have no idea how many people will come this year (I have about 200 people on the email list). If we have 20 people or 100 people, it doesn't matter. Just be ready to sing "Fly Eagles Fly" with every touchdown.

You will find me there, wearing my Westbrook Villanova Jersey. Gotta represent my alma mater and The Main Line.

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Paul is a great guy and Mulligan's is a fun bar. I might stop by, even though I'm not an Eagles fan.

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