2 year anniversary

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2 years ago today my father died.

The pain of his loss has faded over those years to just a soft melancholy. I certainly miss him, and I think about him all the time. My biggest regret about his passing is that I just can't share the good times and bad news of my life with him. Its not like we talked that much when he was alive, but I think as I got older we started to find more things in common with each other.

I wrote before that his death was a catalyst to why I started the blog. At his funeral and the weeks thereafter I would hear story after story about him and his life that I never knew. I didn't want that to be part of my life, I wanted my friends and family to share in who I am by writing my stories. Some of them are meant to be funny, and some of them are meant to be poignant. If a few curious onlookers read also, well it didn't bother me much to share it with them, also.

I re-read my entry from nearly two years ago "Call Your Parents After Reading This". I still think it holds true today.

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oh furey, I didn't know. of course you miss him!!! hopefully that pic of the playmate I sent you made you smile for a minute.

Keep your chin up- your dad would/and was proud of you!!!

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