2006 Season: At Mulligan's Bar

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If you haven't gotten the email from me it means you aren't on my email list anymore (I deleted it by accident and had to rebuild it!). So email me at philly2hoboken@gmail.com to get back on the list!

If you didn't get the email - this year we were fortunate enough to have Mulligan's Bar host the Eagles Club for 2006.

I liked my rotating bar idea, but this was too good to turn down. Mulligan's has a back bar area with 6 flat screen TVs, a full bar, plenty of seating, a nice boxy layout, kitchen and the volume will be at full tilt. I spoke to the manager, Jim, and he says there will be beer and food specials for the Eagle fans.

In a perfect world, i'd love a bar in midtown like this, but sadly, I couldn't get any of the midtown bars to commit to having us for the season. I think this is the best solution out there, and I look forward to seeing everyone this year.

Here is the Eagles Schedule, I hope to see everyone on Sept 10th!

2006 Schedule / Results
Sep 10 - at Houston, 1:00 PM
Sep 17 - vs. NY Giants, 1:00 PM
Sep 24 - at San Francisco, 4:15 PM
Oct 2 - vs. Green Bay, 8:30 PM
Oct 8 - vs. Dallas, 4:15 PM
Oct 15 - at New Orleans, 1:00 PM
Oct 22 - at Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM
Oct 29 - vs. Jacksonville, 1:00 PM
Nov 7 - Open
Nov 12 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM
Nov 19 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM
Nov 26 - at Indianapolis, 1:00 PM
Dec 4 - vs. Carolina, 8:30 PM
Dec 10 - at Washington, 1:00 PM
Dec 17 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM
Dec 25 - at Dallas, 5:00 PM
Dec 31 - vs. Atlanta, 1:00 PM

Mulligans Irish pub
Address - 159 1st St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-3543
Telephone - (201) 876-4101


Yay! I can't wait. I'll be there every week except Oct 2 (in Ohio) and October 15 (in Montana). This is going to be great. Mulligans is a great bar.

Did you get a better version of "Fly Eagles Fly"?
I like this location, it is much closer to the PATH. And I like the idea of one spot- you can get to know the bartenders better!!!

I must say I'm bummed we'll be missing the Sunday gang this year... maybe we'll come crash the party once or twice during the season to catch up with everyone, you never know! Hopefully we'll be able to make a couple of the September games!!!!!!!

I'm a dork. I can't work my computer. I Love Mulli's See you all there.

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