Ego Stroking And "Plan B"

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philly2hoboken@gmail.comSaturday night at the bar was somewhat good night. One nice woman came into the bar and asked if I was "Phil". I looked at her quizzically, repeating "Phil?", and she said "You know, the website!". I told her, no, "It's FUREY. Not Phil."

I think she was trying to say PHILL (Like in Philadelphia), but forgot the important "EEEEE" at the end. If she said that I would have immediately known what she was talking about. Her name was Judy and she runs a Hoboken blog at

Later, a nice girl who I was a longtime reader and I have been emailing with came into the bar with a friend. It was our first meeting face to face and it was very nice to meet her.

Then, i'm talking to a blonde and a brunette and I start riffing about my entry "What Your Drink Says About You In Hoboken". The very cute brunette says, "That's funny, someone wrote something similar on" She gestures to the blonde, "I emailed that to her!"

I smiled, "I wrote that."

Surprise from both, ego boosting from me.

Then I got talking to Mike, the owners of Mikie's Squared, about the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken.

Let's back up, shall we?

For those of you new to reading, I decided 2 years ago to start a Philadelphia Eagles Club. It was inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers Club, who were running out of Liberty Bar (and moved to Texas Arizona). I'm all about Philly. The people. The food. The quirks. The sports. So I wanted to get those people who were like me - born and raised around the greater Philadelphia area, who were Eagles fans and wanted to meet similar people and cheer together in a bar.

A friend of mine who worked at McMahon's Brownstone suggested that I bring the club to her bar and that Francis, the owner, would be happy to get some extra business. It was a great success, we found some new fans and the following year moved to Dipper's bar at 616 Washington. McMahon's was great, I loved the bartenders and Francis. But deep down I wanted a more central location for everyone in Hoboken, more seating and food. Dipper's fit the bill, except that little did I realize how popular the club was going to be.

Week 1 at Dipper's we had 90 Eagle fans in the bar. Dipper's has a capacity of about 70, so the place was PACKED. Last year's regulars would come up to me, angry, that there were so many people in the bar and that they couldn't sit down! I guess you can't make everybody happy.

This year I tried to talk Mike into hosting the Eagles club. Sadly, after much talking on the subject, he couldn't see the bar hosting the Eagles club. I understood his reasons. First, any bar that gets our club immediately alienates their "regulars". If you didn't get the memo - we are in the heart of Jets and Giants country. As much as Mike and Cindy want to make money, they don't want to shut out other sports fans from watching the game. Giants and Jets fans will want to watch their game, and not be surrounded by a bar packed with only Eagles fans each week.

Also, Mike is a die hard Giants fan. Big time.

Think about it. If I owned a bar in Center City and someone with the Giants Club of Philadelphia approached me - what would I say if they wanted to have their club come to your bar each week? I think the answer would be "no".

Then there is Scotland Yard, or "The Yard". The owner, Ned, emailed me last week. We had a nice email chat about me bringing the Eagles Club to The Yard. He is a HUGE Eagles fan - he goes every home game at The Linc. His bar is an Eagles bar. He very much would like to have everyone that I have gathered over the last two years to come to his bar and watch the game each week.

I went to The Yard late last week and looked it over. I mulled his consideration.

Then yesterday I had a revelation. During Saturday night's conversation with Mike he actually made some great points about running his business that applied to the Eagles Club. It was about being flexible, and catering to the wants and desires of your patrons. Would Mike like our club to come to his bar? Absolutely. Does he want the bar to be the home base for, "The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken". No.

It seemed to be the same echo that I got from a lot of other bar owners (well, except Ned). They certainly would love to get 45-90 people into their bar for a game, but aren't so psyched about having that many Eagle fans into their bar every single week.

My idea?

I went to a bunch of bars on Sunday. I told them I run the Eagles Club. I said that twice during the NFL season we would like to come to your bar and would you host us?

So far Mikie's, Liberty Bar, 10th and Willow have agreed. I'm sure The Yard will be happy to see us. I am going to approach Black Bear, McMahon's, Rogo's, Farside, Willie McBrides, Moran's and Texas Arizona also, i'm fairly sure they will be acceptable to having the Eagles Club for one or two Sundays next season.

It would be something similar to this, this isn't official!!!:

Sep 10 - at Houston, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Sep 17 - vs. NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Black Bear)
Sep 24 - at San Francisco, 4:15 PM (10th and Willow)
Oct 2 - vs. Green Bay, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Oct 8 - vs. Dallas, 4:15 PM (Scotland Yard)
Oct 15 - at New Orleans, 1:00 PM (Nine)
Oct 22 - at Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM (Liberty Bar)
Oct 29 - vs. Jacksonville, 1:00 PM (Willie McBrides)
Nov 7 - Open
Nov 12 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM (McMahon's Brownstone)
Nov 19 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM (Trinity)
Nov 26 - at Indianapolis, 1:00 PM (Scotland Yard)
Dec 4 - vs. Carolina, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Dec 10 - at Washington, 1:00 PM (10th and Willow)
Dec 17 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Dec 25 - at Dallas, 5:00 PM (No meeting - Merry Christmas!)
Dec 31 - vs. Atlanta, 1:00 PM (No meeting - Happy New Year!)


The is *one* downside. I can't guarantee that each week that the bar will put the sound on for us each game. But maybe if 45-90 Eagle fans all show up, they will hook us up that week.

Also - maybe some of you are in good with a certain bar. If you know the owners and think they would be interested, have them email me. I have no problem changing the schedule to fit in new bars.

Lasty - keep checking the website each week. I will put the schedule on a link and add it to the side of the page. You can just check each Monday to see if the schedule has changed. If you have buddies who need to get on my email list - send me an email at


Good call, kid!
I think people will be willing to move around, plus we get to see all sorts of bars that we may not normally go to.
If you can get the upstairs at Rogo's it is a really good time, we went there a few times before the official Eagles club was founded and commandeered the big screen TV, good food and cold beer who could ask for anything more?

I agree with eskimo. This is a great idea. If you can't be static, then you gotta roll with the punches and go from bar to bar.

sounds good, not sure how the Yard is going to be, but they are Eagles fans - so we should make new friends!!!!!

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