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Last weekend I went to Atlantic City, or as my brother used to call it "Frantic Shitty".

What was once a terrible, crime infested beach town with casinos is starting to transform itself into something very different. Oh, it is still very shitty. But there are parts of it that are actually starting to look somewhat082906.jpg respectable. They have very nice retail stores in town, and even the Tropicana has a new revitalized section called "The Quarter", with shops and restaurants.

I was in town for a bachelor party. We got a suite at the Taj for a song, because we knew someone. The Taj is "old AC", the glitz and glamor of the hotel has faded over the years and i'm sure if you are over 55, you get excited to stay here. For anyone under 40, it isn't bad, but it just is your "parents hotel". The Borgata is where it's at. From what I have been hearing more casinos are coming or renovating to match the Borgata's appeal to a more youthful clientele.

Friday night I drove from Hoboken to Atlantic City, leaving around 4pm. I knew traffic would be heavy, but in retrospect I should have left earlier. I rolled into Atlantic City 3 hours later. The groom, the bestman and two of their cousins were in the room, with a bottle of Jack Daniels on the coffeetable, and a bottle of Grey Goose was cooling in the fridge. The pre-game show for the Eagles game was on, and I fixed myself a drink.

We watched the Birds and drank a bit, while others arrived. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed, our plans were just about getting drunk and gambling. There was no real interest in going to a strip club, and this is the second bachelor party in a row where a Strip Club wasn't on the gameplan. We went out to an Irish pub in The Quarter, had dinner and then went to a bar afterwards.

Well, everyone else went to a bar afterwards. Around midnight, I went to get my Trop card and got seperated from the group. I wasn't sure what bar they were going to, so I decided to go to the casino floor. I had a few drinks in me and I was ready to gamble. I really enjoy playing 3 card poker, ever since my big win at Vegas a few years back.

Suffice to say I wasn't so lucky, but I still got about 3 hours of gaming in before I lost. I was up, I was down, it was fun. It would have been nice to win like $8,000 dollars and pay PSE&G or something.

I got back to the hotel at 3am to find 2 people crashed and a lot of others still out on the town. I hopped into bed and slept for 8 good hours. I woke up feeling pretty good, and we got ready and went out for a liquid lunch. We went to the Bikini Bar, a bar set on the beach, off the boardwalk a bit. We ordered a bunch of sandwiches and drinks and stayed out for about 3 hours. We got back to the Taj and played some blackjack.

I was sitting in the first seat to the dealer. There were four of us, and I know how to play blackjack but don't love it. I never did really well at playing it, and don't know all the subtle nuances of when to hit and when to stay. So I sat there and listened to what everyone advised, including the dealer. I was getting dealt great hands. I counted 7 hands that I got 19s or 20's -- and I still lost or pushed to the dealer. Even the dealer was like "This is incredible." Even with my losses, I still managed to break even because I was getting dealt some good stuff. After my friends had lost their money, I was only down half of the money I started with. They left and some new people joined the game. I didn't enjoy playing as much with strangers and felt self conscious when I kept asking the dealer, "OK, what do I do here?"

I stopped playing and went up to the hotel suite. A few more people arrived and we had about 19 people that went back to the Trop again, to eat at The Palm. This was a feast in a private room. We gorged ourselves on shellfish, wine, steak, port and cheesecake. Life was good. I was fully expecting to pay $150 for that dinner when the groom's father announced he was picking up the tab. Wow. Incredible.

We then left The Palm and headed up to Red Square. This is where the night gets a bit more interesting.

The group of guys we were with were from early 20's to mid 30's. One guy in particular, who we will call Nate, was, quite simply, very handsome. He had a very laid back personality, with an affable manner and quick to smile.

Now, as many of you might know, I love to observe and people watch. I like watching how people interact, and it was simply amazing just watching from afar how women reacted to him.

For guys like me, regular guys, we go into a bar and do the whole game for meeting women. Some guys are jokers. Some are listeners. Some are storytellers. Some throw money around. Whatever works.

Well my arguement amongst our fellow bachelors was that Nate had no "real" game. None. All Nate has to do is walk into a bar, get a drink and wait.

The first woman, who was in her mid 30's and smoking hot, caught his eye and beckoned him to her. That was it. He looked at me and said, "Ah, I will make her wait a bit." while he sipped his drink and would look over at her occasionally. I was able to watch both of them and she would keep looking his way.

Eventually Nate made his way there and said hello.

The best man was crowing all night how Nate had "SO MUCH GAME!". I was arguing back that Nate didn't have game. He was just handsome and that was it. If anyone had his looks they could do just as well, since women were flopping around trying to get his attention. The woman he was talking to was 10 years older than him and an ex-cheerleader for...wouldn't you know it...The Philadelphia Eagles. I won't go into more details other than she was married and had kids. She must be real happy if she is hitting on a 24 year old.

Later that night we went to Cuba Libre, next door to Red Square.

For people that know me, they know I hate any place where it is very loud and I can't hear myself talk. I actually get much quieter and don't enjoy talking to anyone. I don't know why this is, but it has been this way my whole life. You put me into a pub, I will talk, chat and have fun. You put me into a loud dance club and I turn into a wall flower. Once again, I would just sit there and observe.

Nate and I were on the balcony when a girl walked up to him and said, "I don't know if anyone has said this but you could be a model."

Dude, this isn't having game. When women walk up to guys and talk to them that isn't game. That is just being blessed with great genetics. Hey, i'm happy for Nate, it must be a wonderful life.

I turned to the girl and was like, "You know i'm a model, too?" I held up my hands and added, "Hand model."

She smirked and turned back to Nate. So much for my game. Wouldn't you know it, but a little while later the ex-Eagles cheerleader showed up with her friends and Nate was off talking to them again.

Oh, what also made me laugh was the number of married people who would come up to me and tell me what I should be doing. I hate that. I seriously hate listening to people be like, "You gotta get on the dance floor and do this, this and this." Then I would have to remind some of them how they had no skills when they were single. They wouldn't hear it. They would boast how they were pulling down women and blah, blah, blah. I think that was another reason why I wasn't enjoying myself so much on Saturday. It was just annoying.

The night got later and I stopped drinking at one point. Bachelors would come up and be concerned that I wasn't drinking. I just wasn't really in the mood to be in a loud club and I never liked trying to pick up women. It just isn't my thing. Around 2am, when everyone was fairly drunk and I was extremely bored I left the bar. I don't know if it was the right thing to do at a bachelor party, but I simply wasn't having a good time. I had been drinking for the last 13 hours and I was getting tired and worn-out. I went to the casino floor and gambled a little bit. Then went back to the Taj around 4am. No one was home yet, so I slept.

At 6am they come raging into the suite and wake me up. They are still ready to keep drinking and gambling, and I am extremely beat. Almost upset that I didn't get my own room. Fortunately it was only 20 minutes of people jumping on my bed before I can go back to sleep. Yea, you know I love sleep.

We woke up the next day to find out that Nate didn't score, but the cheerleader and he did exchange phone numbers. They work in the same town outside of Philadelphia.

I paid what I owed to the best man for the room and skipped out of town by 11am.

Oh. And for those keeping track. Once again a weekend where i'm on a vacation, near a beach and the weather is cloudy all weekend. :(

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Hmmm, extremely good looking, laid back and lives outside of Philly you say? I may need a boy-toy on the side so I'll make sure to look up Nate upon our arrival ;)

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