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I got an invite to head out this weekend to the country for a camping trip.

I think I have been camping about 2 times in my life, not counting the numerous times we had sleep-outs as kids. The first time was when my Uncle Buddy invited me to go camping for a weekend with his children. I only remember a few things about it, but I do remember having fun.

The second time was when a gang of us from a local pub decided to go kayaking on the Delaware Water Gap. We were on the water for about 5 hours, drinking and smoking in our kayaks. We had our overnight gear stuffed into the kayak, double wrapped in two plastic garbage bags (to protect against our gear getting wet). Our camping spot was right on the river, very secluded and very cool. We had a good time just drinking under the canopy of trees and next to a bonfire.

This trip is being organized by some other friends that I met while bartending at Dipper's. We are going to a campground up near Port Jervis, NY. It will involve everyone sleeping out in tents, campfires and a lot of alcohol.

Now I have to admit that i'm funny when it comes to new hobbies or activities. Like last year I really got into cooking. I went out and bought knives, cutting boards, pans, and various other knick knacks. If you looked at my kitchen I have some serious top-of-the-line equipment. 081406.jpg
This rational extends about for anything I do. Golfing? I bought a customer made set of Ping irons and drivers before a golfing trip 2 years ago. About 4 years ago I was invited to go play paintball. I went to the site and before playing bought a $300 gun, pellets and headgear before playing. I used it once. But sold it later for $250, so I don't feel so bad. Well, what do I do now that i'm camping? New tent. New sleeping bag. New cooler. Various other knick knacks for a 2 day trip.

I didn't go ballistic on my purchases, don't get me wrong. I was tempted to buy some other things, too. Ooh, I really wanted to buy a hunting knife, in case I ran into a black bear! But I figured that my danger level would be fairly low, since this is a large campground and we won't really be in the wilderness, so to speak.

I really would like to go camping somewhere in the country. Like real backpack camping, that really takes me away from civilization (and allows me to carry a knife or even a GUN! Yah!).

I could only imagine what kind of things I would buy if that happened. There were some really cool backpacks I wanted to buy at Campmor.


What exactly is it about boys from Philly going all out for your new hobbies? I swear my hubby is the exact same way: when he tries something out he gets ALL the gear he might need (and it's always the really nice stuff) and I think J is the same way. Hmmm, you guys could definitely do some damage at Campmor with the right sales associate ;)

I think it has to do something with the fact that we both were corrupted by living near/on the Main Line.

better you then me, camping is NOT my thing. Watch out for the bugs and snakes and bears!!!!

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