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I have been working on the schedule for the last two days.

I have been keeping in mind the Giants games, Jets games and "special" Eagles games when crafting it. Added some new bars to my list (Nine, for example) who really want the Eagles club to stop at their bar on a Sunday.

I'm mostly done the list, just need to get the approval from a few more bar owners to make sure they are ok with this, but everyone I spoke to seemed really enthusiatic about us stopping by for one Sunday. Its sort of like having relatives come visit: "Sure come on down! Just don't stay more than 3 days!"

I updated the list here (and on the entry from Monday). Again, its not official, but at least you can get an idea what i'm thinking. Only 4 bars we visit more than once.

Sep 10 - at Houston, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Sep 17 - vs. NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Black Bear)
Sep 24 - at San Francisco, 4:15 PM (10th and Willow)
Oct 2 - vs. Green Bay, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Oct 8 - vs. Dallas, 4:15 PM (Scotland Yard)
Oct 15 - at New Orleans, 1:00 PM (Nine)
Oct 22 - at Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM (Liberty Bar)
Oct 29 - vs. Jacksonville, 1:00 PM (Willie McBrides)
Nov 7 - Open
Nov 12 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM (McMahon's Brownstone)
Nov 19 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM (Trinity)
Nov 26 - at Indianapolis, 1:00 PM (Scotland Yard)
Dec 4 - vs. Carolina, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Dec 10 - at Washington, 1:00 PM (10th and Willow)
Dec 17 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Dec 25 - at Dallas, 5:00 PM (No meeting - Merry Christmas!)
Dec 31 - vs. Atlanta, 1:00 PM (No meeting - Happy New Year!)


hey when will the "official" schedule be out, one my clients is also and Eagles fan and will be joining our group!!!


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