The Rules Of Laundry In Hoboken

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When I first went to college at Villanova, I learned early on the rules of how communal washer and dryers work. If you arrive at a laundry room, and you are lucky enough to have free reign over choosing an open machine, its very simple:

Thou shalt not impede those waiting to use the machines.

It's a simple rule, really. Put your wash in the washer and make sure you return 25 minutes later when the load cycle has completed. Put your clothes in the dryer and return in 1 hour when the load cycle is finished.

Is it really that hard?

Now, here is the tricky part. What do you do, when you are waiting for a washer or a dryer and the person who put their load in hasn't returned to take their load out?

The rules that I learned in college was that if you arrived to find a machine with a completed load, you took the clothes out of the machine and placed them on top. Then, you put your clothes into the machine and started your load.

A friend of mine told me a story that happened to her. She was doing her laundry and found that someone had a load in a washer. Ok, she takes the clothes out and places them on top of the machine. She puts her clothing in and leaves the laundry room. Moments later a man runs up to her in a huff. He says in an annoyed voice, "Did you take my clothes out of the washing machine??" She said "Yes." The man was irate and angry over this. She wasn't backing down, and thought he was in the wrong. They go their seperate ways. When she returned to the laundry room, she finds her clothing outside the washer - strewn on the ground! She asked me - was she in the wrong? I didn't think so.

Last night I was doing the laundry at my apartment. We share two washers and two dryers with our next door neighbors. I arrived at 8:30 to find the washers full with a completed load and the dryers full with a completed load. I looked in the washer and noticed that it was full of girl clothes (bras, thongs, etc). At this point I was sort of perplexed, not sure if I should be taking those clothes out of the washer. There was a laundry basket on top of the washer, and while I was thinking about it, a guy shows up with a full basket of dirty laundry.

I asked him what he thought of the situation.

He said, "Well, if it was guy's clothes that's never a problem. But I dunno. That's sort of a grey area when a guy is taking girls clothes out of a machine. Some girls probably won't like that. But they have to follow rules, too."

He left, since I was next in line for the washers.

I waited a bit, hoping the girl would show up. 10 minutes passed. No sign of her. I then took her clothes out of the washer and proceeded to do my load.

I returned 25 minutes later and nothing changed. The girl hadn't returned to move her clean wash to the dryers. So I moved my clothes from the washer into the dryers. An hour later, I returned and it appears that the girl finally did return. A load was drying in the other dryer, and the laundry basket was gone. I was relieved that my laundry wasn't destroyed.

So what do you think about the rules? Agree? Disagree? If you are using a communial laundry room would you have a problem if someone took your clothes out of the machines and put them on top?


i agree 100%. sometimes i give the person an extra 5 or 10 minutes to come take their stuff out, but if they don't, i have no qualms about moving it myself.

I hear ya, I have to do my laundry at public place, now I take a book with me and hang out for an hour and half while waiting. I hate when people touch my clothes after they have been washed!! So, to avoid that I stick around, either I read or run to the store for a half hour while it is being washed and then to target while they are being dried. I have waited a few times for someone to come back to get their wash out of the washing machine after 20 minutes I loaded into a basket - screw them if they aren't going to hang out -- big deal takes an hour and half!!!

Great question. I think people should be respectful and try to be timely with picking up laundry (ie don't leave it for ages in a washer on a busy laundry night). But, if someone does, then I think give it 15-20mns and if it's a no show, it's acceptable to move clothes to the top of the machine. I don't think there's a difference b/ween guys-girls clothes, although can see how it'd be embarrassing if the girl shows up after 21 mns to see some dude with a handful of her thongs in his arms!

So excited. Even if its around the corner :) I Love Mulli's

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