The University of Lost

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The Education that gets you the JOB. I read this ad every morning in the free Metro paper on my commute on the PATH. I look at the girl and i'm thinking...Ooh, hot blonde...wait...I know that girl, where do I know her from...


It's Claire "WHERE'S MY BAY-BEE" from Lost!


Here I was thinking Emilie de Ravin was doing pretty good for herself in a hit TV show like "Lost". Too bad she needs to make ends meet by doing print ads for crappy schools in Queens. Hey, they have a great ad campaign and hot chicks on their website - makes you think you will be studying with some serious ass. Then check out the 2006 Graduates - lots of two baggers.

"Two baggers" know...before having sex with her, she's so ugly that you put on one bag for her head and one bag for your head.

I may have not liked Villanova very much, but I have to say we had a lot of good looking tail to look at. Too bad they were all snobs.


Wow,people still say " get tail" in Hoboken!??? HA!

It was "good looking tail" - i'm just dating myself with my 80's expressions... ;)

furey - you are kidding me right? and no one actually says "two baggers" expect jerks.

I see my sarcasm hasn't lost its razor edge.

FYI - Two bagger, while also outdating yourself, is two bags over her head. The second one being needed in case the first one breaks.

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