2006 Week 1: Eagles at Houston

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New Eagles team.

New Eagles bar.

New and old Eagles fans.

Week 1 was both nervewracking and exciting, with the anticpation of so many things for me. Some of my thoughts about the Eagles: How will the Eagles respond without T.O.? Will Andy Reid shake off the losses of last season with an opening victory? How will McNabb look after his surgery? Will Buckhalter be healthy to make a difference?

I also had some misgivings about my Eagles club. Will people show up to the first game at the new bar? Will everything go smoothly? Will everyone be happy?

I can say that my fears were allayed by halftime, when it appeared that everything was moving along just fine, both with the Eagles team and our club here in Hoboken. I did an informal head-count during halftime and I counted 70 fans on our side of the bar. I was especially happy with this because it was a locally televised game, and I know some people would stay home rather than go to a bar to watch the game. Next time we do a group picture I will make sure we make an announcement a bit louder to get people who were on the other side of the bar into the picture, too.

Paul, Jim and Sara at Mulligan's were extremely accomodating to us, and a special thanks to them for their hard work.

Also a big thanks to Steve Galletta, the sales representative of Anheuser-Busch, who connected us with Mulligan's. We had the Bud-Light girls on hand this weekend giving out two footballs in a raffle to the Eagles fans at the bar. Remember that every Eagle game, Mulligan's has buckets of Bud Light beer, 4 for $10, and drafts of Bud Light for $2, pitchers of Bud Light for $9, along with other specials for our fans.

I hope to see everyone next weekend, when it is Giants vs Eagles. It was great to see some old faces and meet some new people this weekend. If I don't know you, please don't be a stranger and come up and say hello.

You can see all the photos here:

Oh, I spoke to Paul. He expects to have more seating in the forthcoming weeks.


Well done Sean. I had a blast and it was great to see so many people! I can't wait for next Sunday. :)

Sad we missed it, it looks like a great turnout!
GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!

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