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I pulled the trigger and bought a new camera. Considering i'm still waiting on the PSE&G review, maybe not the brightest idea. But I wanted a new toy to play with.

My old camera was a Canon D500, which was compact and did a good job for basic stuff. It wasn't very good in low light settings. IMG_9805a.jpg
During the day time it took crisp, clear pictures. I wanted a camera for special events. Like weddings, parties and the Eagles club. I'm really looking forward to trying different things with this camera.

I have some experience with photography. At Villanova, I worked on the school newspaper. One, I really liked learning how to develop film, taking artistic pictures and it also was a fun hobby. Two, the editor of the school newspaper was named Tanya. She was on the soccer team, and just had head-turning good looks. I didn't get to know her at all, but I would look forward to turning in my photos every week just to see her.

I took some pictures on Sunday, around dusk of some interesting architecture. Some shots, like the paint peeled cross and the laundrymat I thought turned out great, if I do say so myself. You can see all the photos here.

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just curious why such fans of the "real hoboken" hate your blog but yet they keep checking in to read it!!!

good for you and the new toy - keep it coming furey!!!!

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