PSE&G Settlement

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Well the drama appears to be ending soon.

A manager from PSE&G called me on Friday night and we talked for a bit. I told him my tale of woe, about how I lived in the building for many years and had many different roommates. He was sympathetic, but there was only so far that he could reduce my liability.

If you remember, the first offer reduce my liability 10 months, to 73, which was about $1,000 off my bill. Now, they are going to reduce our liability from 83 months to 55 months, or $8,300 to $5,500, since we owed about $100 per month on average.

I feel like its a game show. Do I take their offer now or risk taking it to court? The judge could rule in my favor or with PSE&G. If they rule in PSE&G's favor - then I owe the whole bundle. If they rule in my favor, well, who knows what I would owe.

I have talked to a ton of people about this, even people in the electric industry. Those working in the industry told me that I should never expect the entire amount to just go away. I was hoping I could get it reduced to 1/3 of what I owe, and they said at best it could be reduced to $4,000 or so.

I am probably going to go with the deal that was offered. It isn't great, but at least my current roommates, Kristen and Jon said they would pay me back, which is about $1,000. I'm going to at least ask those that lived with me to pay me the money they owe (the amount of months living there multipled by $33.33).

Of the $4,500 left, I figured that I, myself, did owe $1,833. So i'm paying about $2,667 for old roommates, those that lived with me from October 2005 to March 2001.

It's not a perfect situation, but I fought it and looking at it optimistically, I saved myself and others $2,800 in liability.

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