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I always dream of new ideas that I could invent. When I was about 10, around 1982, I told my mother about an idea I had. I liked to drink cold Pepsi, but didn't like ice. I didn't like it when ice melted in my drink and made it watery. I did like to have a cold drink, however, and figured out a way to make that.

I wanted to get a large plastic mug and surround it (fused) with another large plastic mug. Between the two vessels would be water. You take the mug, and put it in a freezer. The water would freeze, and then you can pour soda into the glass and it would stay cold.

I remember drawing the whole thing out to her, and she thought it was a novel idea but it didn't go any further than that.

10 years later i'm in college and i'm watching Home Shopping Network and they are advertising the same thing, basically. Instead of water they created the mug with some kind of silicon gel that you might use in ice packs for medical injuries. I thought it was a great idea, and wondered if it ever made any money.

So that happens often in my life. In 1994 I wanted to start a company with a college buddy of mine. We were going approach every restaurant in Philadelphia and say, "Let us have your menu". We would scan the menu, their address and some pictures and put it on the web. We could do this with not only restaurants but all stores, and we could write reviews on the places and such. I told my father my idea and tried to see if he would fund us. He wasn't interested and told me to get a real job.

I went to the city and got my present day job. Imagine my surprise in 1995 when I stumble across citysearch.com. It was bought out in later years by Excite.com, which was in turn bought out by Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves was acquired by Interactive Corp. Interactive Corp owns other companies and websites such as Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, Evite, Match.com and Lending Tree.

I always wondered what would have happened if my father said, "Sounds good!"

I'm sure there were lots of guys out there with good ideas, but remember this was 1994. The internet was barely a blip on anyone's radar.

Ok, so this is my next idea, but not sure about the legality of it.

Lets say you own an authentic Terrell Owens Jersey. Owens is gone and you are stuck with a $265 Jersey you got to wear like 10 times.

You send it to (this is a made up name) "Rejersey.com" and fill out an application. You tell Rejersey.com that you want the numbers reversed to 18 and "Owens" removed and add "Stallworth".

Rejersey.com has the numbers and the lettering that the Eagles use for their jerseys (or simply make their own, it can't be THAT hard to replicate it). For a small charge, like $40, Rejersey.com will unstitch the old numbers and letters, reorganize them into a new number & lettering system.

Now before everyone says "THAT'S ILLEGAL!!!!"

Think about if you did it yourself. You OWN the jersey. You certainly could do this yourself. Again - you OWN the jersey. Once you own it, you can have a local tailor un-do the stitching if you want and flip the numbers. Who would know?

Anyhow, that's my idea for old jerseys. I just don't know how legal it would be.

I'd like to see where it is printed that someone couldn't restitch the lettering of a jersey they own.

To me its a big crock that I bought a Owens jersey, expecting him to be playing for 5-7 years and I get stuck holding a jersey that is essentially worthless now. I also own an authentic Corey Simon jersey, too!

The Eagles should do something for their fans. Like you can return an authentic jersey and get 10% off the next one. Look at Apple computer - if you return an iPod they give you 10% off the next one you buy.

Anyhow, that's my idea. I fully expect to see some joker launch it and make a couple of million (or billion) when they are acquired by NFL.com.


Hahaha, Furey you numb nut, that's what you get for buying the authentic jerseys of current players!! I got burned on the Owens jersey I bought from philadelphiaeagles.com and that was only like $45!! I decided instead of constantly wasting my money every year, I bought a throwback jersey for Reggie White... at least that way, I know I can wear it until the end of time without fearing getting beaten up in the section I sit in at the stadium!! (as was the case when I wore my old owens jersey last season, even with the name taped over with duct tape, and a big X through 81) ...

yea, I just like the fit of the authentic much more...i got that villanova westbrook jersey, too for like $90 and I like it, but I needed something in GREEN. lol.

But it's always a risk when you buy one of those for a current player... I'm telling you - go with a randall cunningham, or someone else who has been memorialized in philly! You can't go wrong with those. Still get a green jersey, but no worry about the player getting into a contract dispute and you left holding the bag on a $300 jersey. You could always go the mcnabb route, since I don't think he'll ever play anywhere else...

what happened to the day to day musings writing style? seems like things are v. quiet on this blog these days..

i am working on a few entries actually, which is taking away from my normal innane writings.

I want to get a Lito Sheppard jersey!!! You know how I love my defensive boys!!!!!!!

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