The Future Season

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This is what I wish I had to report if I had a time travelling machine...

Washington: Lots of Eagle drama on this rainy day. Boo-birds are out in full force. 1st quarter it looks like Clinton Portis is going to kill us, running for 2 TDs and 54 yards. But hold on. Eagles, down 14-3, start to claw back, starting with a bomb to Hank Baskett for a 61 yard TD catch (I think, it was hard to remember but it was nice he was in single coverage) to go into the half 14-10. McNabb and Westy take the lead in the 3rd, and the Eagles don't look back. Final score 14-31.

Eagles are 5-4 and play the Titans.

Tenn: Vince Young is coming along, winning against Houston and squeaking past Jacksonville. They are 4-5 and have a chip on their shoulder. That chip gets knocked the f-out by our bliztes. Vince gets sacked 5 times in the first half alone. Eagles dominate and cruise to a 24-10 victory, with McNabb racking up 300 yards again in the air. Now Eagles are 6-4.

Indy: The Colts are 9-1, after losing to the Pats on Nov 5th, but they beat Buffalo and Dallas. Philly comes to town and they are already ready to get into double digit wins. Petyon uses a great audible mix & run package to destroy us in the first half up 28-0. Its horrible. Eagle fans are booing and during halftime the analysts consider the game over. It could be called the "Game That Changed History" when the birds come out throwing, like they always do. A nice pass interference call on the first play sets up a 30 yard TD run by Westbrook. Next series has the colts out after 6 plays, and the Eagles score again - down 28-14. Peyton tries and aerial attack and gets intercepted by Dawkins who runs for a 39 yard return. Its 21-28 and the mid fourth quarter. Eagles stall a bit but do get 3 points with an Akers 47 yard field goal. 24-28. A fumble recovery on the kickoff and the Eagles feel that momentum change, but can't score again. They get 3. 27-28. Peyton isn't done and rolls down the field for his own 34 yard FG. They get to 27-31. Buckhalter comes up huge. You don't think there is gas in his tank until he rumbles a 43 yard bolt down up the middle, shedding two tackles and stiff arming the strong safety until he is run down by the free safety (he was fast, just not that fast). Eagles are on the 10, there are 46 second on the clock and the Colts are pumped. 1st play is a knocked down pass to LJ Smith. Second play is a Westbrook scamper for 4 yards, with even McNabb trying to block for him. Third play it is 6th and Goal. Buckhalter in. Buckhalter gets the ball, flips it back to McNabb, McNabb rolls out, fakes the pass to the end zone and barrels in for his own TD. The place goes BALLISTIC. Fans screaming and jumping up and down. Time expires off the clock after Akers boots the TD. Eagles are 7-4 and everyone in ESPN-land who wrote off the Eagles are preparing some crow pie.

Carolina: People are talking about an "emotional let down" if the Eagles can't get it together for Carolina. It is a Monday night game, and the hype is HUGE. Carolina has been playing great football the last few weeks beating Tampa, Rams and Washington - off their own bye week they are 7-4 now also. This could be the division decided right here. The game is actually a bore. McNabb and Co don't do very much the first half, scoring 3 points. Carolina scored 6. For all the hype before this game, it was BORING. We get a TD in the late 3rd quarter and hold on to win 10-6. McNabb throws for about 180 yards and 1 TD. Westbrook is held to 36 yards. A lot of 3 and outs on either side and a battle of field position. Oh, interestingly enough we catch, with Pakisatan's help, Osama Bin Laden this night, so a lot of people are happy about that.

Washington: We are 8-4. We go into Redskin country and its a bloodbath. Eagles get the lead early and never look back (which is helpful in stoppin Clinton Portis in being effective). McNabb throws for 400 yards and 5 TDs. Greg Lewis is the man today, with 175 yards and 3 TDs alone. Westbrook has a great day, 121 yards rushing, and 1 TD. Eagles are 9-4 and then comes the greatest game of the season:

New York Giants.

You heard it here first from your future time traveller. This game was awesome. First off, the Giants lost a few games game, but still doing good. Houston (loss), Chicago (loss), Jacksonvile (win), Tennessee (win), Dallas (win) and Carolina (loss). They are 8-5 and comping at the bit to beat the Birds. The game is mayhem. Eagles play a solid game, but the Giants are swarming them. McNabb is sacked 3 times in the 1st quarter. Eagles offense is sputtering. Eli, with thanks to good field positions on those sacks, manages 10 points in the first half. Eagles are blanked. Word has it that from the locker room, Andy Ried took a chair and threw it across the room in anger, which is very unlike him. He has a half-time pep talk out of a Notre Dame movie talking about character, fight the good fight and this is your entire season, blah, blah, blah. The Eagles repond with some good news and bad (sort of). I never like to see players get hurt, but Eli's leg bent very awkward on a sack by Trent Cole. Eli is taken off the field. Sorry Giants fans, he is done for the year. Eagles take advantage of this and win 14-10 in a hard-fought, smash mouth ending.

Merry Christmas! Its Dallas. Ho ho ho. Terrell Owens hosts the Eagles and Romo gives a gift of 0 TDs in the first half. McNabb and company play great, maybe they have some extra pickle juice from 2003. Westbrook has a great day, rushing for 108 yards, catching for 71 and 2 TDs. Buckhalter also is impressive for 76 yards. McNabb is good enough, 256 yards, 1 TD (Westy) and 1 interception return for a TD. Final score 17-7.

Atlanta comes up for the New Year and the Eagles play 8 in the box, forcing Vick to throw and making sure he has no room to run. Falcons have a miserable 7-8 record at this point and are already out of playoff contention. It is a cold, snowy day at the Linc. Hank Baskett and Reggie Brown get 2 TDs each. Westbrook is contained for only 71 yards on 15 carries. We get a scare when McNabb gets a late 2nd quarter hit that he looks like he got his hand stepped on. He appears to be ok, but they put in Garcia just in case. Eagles cruise to a win and finish the season 12-4, winning the NFC East.

Unfortunately the Bears win the conference with a perfect season (16-0).


Hmmm, that's a pretty detailed breakdown... While I'd love to see that happen, I think I'm more of a realist...
What a letdown it has been the past 3 weeks though. Particularly deflating to be leaving the stadium last sunday after that pathetic loss to the jaguars. Although I will say having Swoop made up to look like Mr. T of the A-Team and having them cart off the jaguar in the back of the A-Team/Eagles van was probably the highlight of that game...

Ah-to dream a dream! NY Giants are going to win the division Furey! And Eli is going to march up and down the field throwing touchdowns while our defense makes McNabb cower. I did like the post though-I always come up with my dream scenarios for the Giants too!

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