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Of the many things in life I have learned, it is that being a Philadelphia sports fan is all about disappointment.

Yes, we had our years to celebrate...the last celebration I remember was at 11 years old, in 1983.

Otherwise, we seriously have a "lost generation" of fans. Sure, other franchises can point to longer draughts for a championship, like the Chicago Cubs. But i'm talking about an entire generation of fans in a city that has 4 major sports teams and haven't had a reason to cheer in 23 years.

Its always something as the reason why we are "thisclose" to doing well, only to have it ripped out from under us. Should I start listing all the tragedies over the years? Injuries, deaths, strikes, prima donnas and bad fortune boil down to years of angst and disgust.

Bad fortune struck this year, and we lose Donovan McNabb. 3rd time in 5 years we lose our franchise quarterback to injury. Certainly a case can be made for backup quarterbacks who step up when the starter goes down and becomes the next star that takes the team to the next level.

Jeff Garcia isn't that guy.

A.J. Feely was that guy in 2003 and even took an Eagles team to the playoffs when we lost McNabb.

My take is give Jeff Garcia his chance this week against the Colts, and the following week against Carolina. See how he does. If we lose both, switch in A.J. Feely for the rest of the season. We didn't sign Jeff Garcia to hold a clipboard, and he should get 2 games to prove himself.

For me, certainly this really makes the Eagle season a near fatality and the thought of playoffs a sad joke. But the difference between me and other Eagle fans is that i'll still watch my birds, good or bad. I'm not the guy who walks out of the bar in disgust when they play badly. Sure, I won't be happy about it. But for good or bad i'm still proud to be an Eagle fan, if a bit saddened that our starting quarterback is injured until next season.

It's like seeing all those Rutger fans. You know when they are 9-0, EVERYONE was a Rutger fan. They would be walking down the street with their Red shirts, with tags still attached from the Modell's store that they bought it from an hour ago. Where were those fans last year? Or the year before? I heard stories that people at Rutgers could get school credit for attending games when their team was playing poorly. I give props to those Rutger fans who sat in the stadium and watched a bad team play football.

Because i'm that kind of fan, too. For better or worse, i'll keep coming back every year to watch my boys in green and support them when they are up or down.

But, hey, that's just me.


I take exception with this: "A.J. Feely was that guy in 2003 and even took an Eagles team to the playoffs when we lost McNabb."

I believe our defense scored as many points as Feeley did - maybe more. At any rate, our D carried us through. Feeley was adequate, but he wasn't a star.

Other than that - I'll see you Sunday where we can bemoan our season together.

Hahaha, I've been a season ticket holder since I was about 4 years old... I went to all the games in the mid 80s when the vet was half empty... They were terrible then, as well as the late 90s when they were always on the end of a losing record...
At least this time around, they are mediocre. Although, I'd rather be at the games watching a team we know is bad that loses to other teams than the team we have now that is supposed to be decent and then loses to someone like Tennessee...
Now THAT is painful to be a part of...

Hey pal...we're Rutgers fans...with an s...even if we only became fans this season. As a Rutgers alum, my best memory of Rutgers football was my freshman year...1993 (yikes). That year, they were in the midsts of building that giant stadium that was supposed to attract all those great athletes that kept going outta state to play ball.

So where did that leave us in terms of a venue? None other than Giant...er...Giants :) stadium. No university rules...crazy parking lot tailgate parties...and a homecoming that I wish I could remember.

R.U. Rah Rah! R.U. Rah Rah! Hoo Rah! Hoo Rah! Rutgers Rah! Upstream, Red Team! Red Team, Upstream! Rah! Rah! Rutgers Rah!

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