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I expect next week to be a quiet week for the blog.

I am staying in Hoboken for the holidays. Most of my family members are doing the holidays with their in-laws or at their own home. I was just in DC for Thanksgiving and saw everyone. My mother will be at my Aunt's home for the holiday. My other sister and brother are in DC. I was invited to my sister Philly home for Christmas, and I really appreciated it, but decided to instead stay in Hoboken. I love her and her kids (who have just started to play Warcraft!), but in some ways i'd rather just chill out around my house for this holiday. I have the week off from work (my first weeklong vacation since September), and plan on doing the following activities:

1. Sleeping.
2. Playing videogames (Warcraft, Civilization, Battlefield 2142).
3. Bartending on Saturday nights at the bar.
4. Doing loads of laundry.
5. Playing with my camera around Hoboken.
6. Sleeping
7. Cooking a bit, I have a new delivery from Fresh Direct coming on Sunday.
8. Playing with Layla.
9. Ignoring my diet for the week.
10. Sleeping.

Yes, not very exciting. I know. If I had a girlfriend, i'd use such a vacation to plan a trip to someplace warm. But I really have zero interest in being that single 34 year old guy who vacations in the Bahamas. Unless people know a place I can go where it isn't weird.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

For New Years I am undecided on what I will do. I think the night is a bit overrated, and I have been invited to a few house parties to attend. I think I will just chill with some friends a pop open a few nice bottles of wine.

Happy New Year!


Club Med Turks and Caicos is a singles Club Med ... it caters to singles who are there alone or with a group of singles. That's fun. siren has been and rated it highly.

you may want to try Hedonism somewhere. I've heard that it is great for single men and the chances of hooking up are pretty high. From the sounds of it, you could definitely use a solid hook-up. good luck.

LOL, I dunno if I should be insulted by that last entry. Sheesh.

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