The Few, The Proud, The Real Fans

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I remember when I approached Paul about having the Eagles club at Mulligan's. I told him that i'd probably be able to get about 60-80 people at his bar a week.

Paul was very nice about it and said the number of people didn't matter. He was fine if I brought in 5 or 500, he was happy to host the club.

I went on, telling Paul, that every season, for the last 3 seasons, we had a sharp decline in people coming out to the bars when December hit, for various reasons. Its colder, and people don't like going out to bars in the cold. The holiday season takes it toll on our attendance. So do injuries, and if the team plays poorly.

This season was much like last season. We had 80 people in the bar for the first 5 games, then about 60 in the bar for the next couple, and with a McNabb injury & some bad losses, some people figured that watching the game at home was better than at the bar. To me, the club is more than just watching the football game. It is being social. Meeting new people and cheering or nursing our wounds together.

But I will tell you what. I watched the Carolina game with a handful of fans on Monday night. We sang when the Eagles scored each touchdown, and were jeered by Jets fans and other Eagles haters each time. I kept my mouth shut. By the time the game ended I had only five Eagle fans left in the bar and the haters all were long gone. It could have been the most fun I had watching a game of this season, even with such a small gathering of local fans.

Thom and Kathleen, you two shouldn't have left early!

I hope to see a few people who still believe next Sunday. We got the Redskins to take care of before our big showdown with the Giants. Stay tuned people, we aren't out of this yet.

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Yeah, I was really debating about leaving. Didn't want to go, but it was getting late. At the very least, I got to listen to the whole thing on the ride home. I was sitting in my driveway listening to Merril call the final interception.

Times like this, I miss living in Hoboken.

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