Eagles Playoff Win!

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Friday at work I got an email from a friend at Anheuser-Busch. It said to call him ASAP, he had some good news. I wasn't sure what this good news was about, but if you know that I run the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken out of Mulligan's bar - I have about 200 Eagle fans on my email list that I email each week with the bar specials, Hoboken information and the match-up of the game from The Sports Network. If you aren't on the email list, just email me at philly2hoboken@gmail.com to get on the list. I won't spam anyone, nor do I share the email list with ANYONE. If you move away or don't want to get it anymore, simply reply to the email with "REMOVE" and I will remove you that day.

I work with Paul, the owner at Mulligan's to design the beer specials. We have $2 Bud Light / Yuengling drafts or $8 pitchers. Also there are buckets of Bud Light 4 bottles for $10.

When I started all that, it wasn't in the expectation that I was going to get ANYTHING for it. I simply wanted to get a good deal for my fellow Eagle fans, and absolutely wanted to make sure we had a Yuengling special, since most everyone I know loves that beer.

Imagine my surprise when I spoke to him, and he said, "Hey, thanks for everything with promoting Bud Light this year in the Eagles Club. I have a few tickets to the Eagles game - they are yours as a gesture of our appreciation at Anheuser-Busch."

The next day, Saturday, I got 3 free tickets Fed-Ex'd to me for the Eagle game at the Linc. I called up two friends, and made a day of it.

We first went down to Pat's Steaks and waited in line for about 15 minutes. To be honest I haven't been to Pat's in at least 25 years. The last time I remember being there, is when my father took me as a kid and he described the whole ordering process to me.

Anyone watch the Seinfield episode of "Soup Nazi"? I'm sure you have. It is much like that when ordering. There are 4 Steps, which I read while in line:

1. Specify if you want your steak with (wit) or without (wit-out) onions. {if you're not a rookie this should come naturally}

2. Specify Plain, Cheez Whiz, Provolone, American Cheese or a Pizza Steak. {we have lettuce and tomatoes / { if we have to read your mind it's 50 cents extra}

3. Have your money ready. {do all of your borrowing in line}

4. Practice all of the above while waiting in line. {if you make a mistake, don't panic, just go to the back of the line and start over}

Yes, I did practice this. I got to the front and panicked, forgetting to ask for provolone. "One Wit, Pizza Steak." and slapped my $20 bill down. Then I got my change, and started to walk to the next window. The guy called to me about 10 second later saying, "Your steak, sir!" and I was slightly embarassed to scurry back to get my steak. I was trying to act like an old pro, when I was really a tourist.

We all got a steak. On a scale of 1 to 10, i'd give the steak easily an 8. Even by forgetting to ask for Provolone cheese, and getting wiz cheese, it was delicious. Even the fries were outstanding. As i'm writing this i'm just thinking of having another cheesesteak - I might have to head over to Philly's Cheesesteaks on 5th and Washington, but I know it won't be the same.

After Pat's we headed down to the stadium. The traffic was, of course, very busy. We spent at least 30 minutes to drive about 1/2 mile to the parking lot. The parking lot was mostly uneventful, we had a few beers. I made the mistake of buying "Sparks", to see what all the hoopla was about (I know a few people who swear by it). What a terrible choice. I switched to Yuengling quickly.

I went to the game with a Giants fan, Chris. I told him before the game that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to wear a jersey to the game. I didn't want to provoke any trouble, and I knew from my past experiences at the Giants stadium that I had lots of people yelling at me and one time throwing peanuts. I saw a lot of Giants fans, either in a group of other Giant fans or with Eagle fans that day. Most of what I observed was good-natured heckling, and I didn't witness any fights or anything that would make me think that our fans were being belligerent. Even Chris commented that he could have worn his jersey without a problem and I agreed. Next time there is a game at the Linc, I won't tell anyone not to wear a jersey, everything I observed was civil. Chris told me he saw someone go up to a Giants fan and say, "Fuck you!" and walk away. I think if you have thin skin you shouldn't be at an opposing teams stadium.

Exciting game to watch, with the battle of field position early in the first quarter. I thought it was a tough, tough battle. Both teams were really hard on defense, and hats off to the Giants, they gave us another classic close nailbiter game.

I was worried about going to the game. I have a past history of attending any Philadelphia sports game and watching our team lose. I don't know if that is simply due to my bad luck or the fact that most Philly sports teams have been fairly poor teams over my last 34 years. The first score of the game happened when I went away from my seat to the bathroom. When I returned, one of my friends, who knows about my poor luck said, "If the Giants score again, you are going back to the bathroom!"

There was one time, in the 4th quarter when I was at the bathroom again and the Giants were driving down the field. I refused to go back to my seat, and watched the game from the TVs that were above the consession stands. I was there for about 10 minutes, until the Giants scored a TD, and then return to my seats. One friend asked, "Hey, did you wait back there because the Giants were about to score." I nodded and they laughed.

I'd like to say I had a GREAT time, but here's a few thoughts about attending a game in a stadium in winter:

1. We were very fortunate to get nice weather. It was about 45 degrees out that night, and before the game I had on my jersey, a hoodie and a long sleeve shirt. I asked my friends if that would be good enough and Chris said, "Just remember: Always keep your head and your hands warm and you will be fine." So I ran back inside and brought my wool hat and gloves. He was absolutely right. I will never attend a fall/winter game without those two important components. My only regret was that I didn't wear boots.

2. Watching the game I was rarely happy. Mostly filled with dread, and nervous could have been that experience. I feel the same way at home or in a bar, but in some ways that is diffused since you aren't sitting about 500 feet from the players. The whole time i'm just ready to start eating my wool gloves in frustration if we don't score.

3. Living in the NYC metro area for so long it was funny to go to the stadium and pay $6 for a 16 ounce beer. I remember living in Philly and how i'd moan and groan over paying $6 for a beer. I found myself thinking yesterday, "That's not so bad! Only $2 more than you would pay in Hoboken."

4. The rest rooms at the Linc are very new, but amazingly still disgusting. Stopped up toilets and water/urine all over the floor. Whoever designs a bathroom should simply have drains all over the floor - or maybe a grate - to account for this.

5. I sat in the 200 level, which is the top tier (but was lucky enough to be in the 2nd row). I was with lots of Eagles and Giant fans (some in jerseys and some not). I saw some good natured heckling and a three shouting matches. That was about it. I'm sure that somewhere in the stadium there was a Giant fan minding his own business and had a bad experience, but there is no way that anyone can tell me that Eagles fans are that terrible. Even Chris, who wasn't wearing a jersey, agreed that he could have easily worn his jersey without a major problem.

6. The Linc needs to fix the PA system. Each time the ref announced anything, it was hard to decipher.

7. My seats were the 230 section, which is basically end-zone seats. I still had a great view of all the action, even when the teams were on the other side of the field. The stadium was absolutely packed with people. Getting inside was a bit of a pain, since I was in line for 15 minutes before getting patted down. Then another 10 minutes to walk up the ramps to my seats. The best part was when the 4 U.S. jets flew over the stadium. I saw them coming from a mile away, and pointed it out to my friends, we got to watch them come directly at us, and the thunderous boom shook the whole stadium. It was really awe inspiring. We were giddy after watching that for a solid 5 minutes. If you want to see that in the future, just wait outside the "Pepsi Arena" entrance and they come from the opposite direction of that entrance, south of Philly.

I'm very happy today and even took off work in anticipation that it was going to be a long day and night at Philadelphia on Sunday. I'm glad I did. I got a nice night of rest, plan on hitting the gym and making myself a good dinner. Next weekend the Eagles play the Saints in New Orelans on Saturday night at 8pm! I plan on taking off work from bartending to watch the game at Mulligan's and hope to take some good pictures at the bar.


Yea the game was fun. Couple comments though:

I take a great picture (see above) and may consider a career change.

Pat's is overrated. I said it before we went and I'll say it again. $7 for a cheesesteak is highway robbery - you could get 2 for $7 during the Sunday specials at most corner deli's. Also, cheese not melted into the steak (just laid on the bread) is gay. But damn, those rolls are delish!! So the steaks are good, just not great.

You left fries all over the floor of my car. I got to clean that out today. If you loved them so much, you should have eaten them all. ;)

Our seats scared the hell out of me. While the first row isn't going to fall over the rail, and the third row probably won't, in the second row if we slipped it was goodbye life! That was part of the reason I didn't get up much.

This is the first time I've ever been sober in the Linc. Being afraid of heights and being sober don't mix. Drunk I never noticed how unsafe certain rows are... sober I kept thinking, the next time Furey or Chris goes to pee could be the time I go over! Also, with the heavy rain, I definitely would have preferred to spend the night. Oh well! Three hours to get home kind of blows.

I'm sorry about the mess of the fries, it was dark and I didn't see I spilt them all over the floor of your car. As for the other reasons you were unhappy...not a tremendous amount I could have done about that...sorry kiddo. :(

Everyone knows you have to go to d'allesandros over by manayunk for the best cheesesteaks around!!
Although Pats is pretty good...
Funny how even in the picture, the field looked way greener than it did in person. I kept thinking it was so brown, but then on tv it looked really green.. Was I the only one who noticed that?

rapperd- I was not about to drive that far out of my way. I've been to d'allesandros before. I will say this - almost any cheesesteak in Philly is good. No one that serves them can afford to screw them up!

And yes, I noticed on the jumbotron how green the grass looked compared to how it looked from my seat. Ah the wonders of television!

You lucky SOB. Kathleen was sure we were cursed because you were at the game. But it ended up being a thriller. Glad you got to see it, but Saturday will be more fun with you at the bar!

Saturday should be crazy.

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