The end is near!

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Nothing angers me more when I read stories like this...

Asteroid to destroy Earth?

The news industry, no doubt, is based on the same capitalistic factors as the entertainment industry - the more people watching your program translates into more revenue for your efforts.

This so-called Journalism translates into a sensationalistic method of reporting.

Is this news? Sure.

Is this important news? Not really.

Are we going to be wiped out by Avian Flu, asteroids, nukes, overpopulation, global warming or too much methane gas farted into the atmosphere by cows? Who knows?

To me it is also like a paralleism to living here in New York. I told my mother recently, while she visited me over the holidays, that I really don't like living here because of the chance of another terrorist strike.

It is like living in Pompeii, next to Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 78.

I got the first "rumble" in 2001 (I wasn't here for the 1993 bombing, for example). To me it has always been a question of not "if" but "when" the next big thing happens. Certainly the media adds to this sense of unease.

But much like the news report about Asteroids - my attitude is "What can you do?"

Do I tuck tail and run away? Well, no. I certainly am well aware, much like our ancient Pompeiians, that living here has a certain level of risk. I know there are friends of mine who have confided in me that they, too, would like to be "someplace else" besides here in the future. I'll stay here until the day comes where I decide (or i'm forced) to leave. It's funny some friends and family have said, "Why don't you just leave?" - But after living here 13 years, and establishing some roots in the community it is very hard to just change cities and start over. To some people it is very exciting for change and new things, for me, and my personality, I have little desire to shake things up. I like my weekly bartending gig. I like knowing my friends at Maru. I enjoy working in the heart of New York. I told people before I feel like living in New York would be the equivalent of living in Rome during the height of the Roman Empire. The pulse of the world beats here, you can feel the energy in the air when you walk around New York. I never had that experience in Philadelphia (sorry Philly, you know I love you).

I think about the risk of living here a lot. I remember when I walked into work every morning, the World Trade Center standing like a beacon, with the sun rising over the towers, and I would always marvel at them. They were eye catching, they were almost larger than life. Now when I go into work, there is always the same wistful rememberance of what was. Sort of like remembering the good times with an old girlfriend. You remember how great it once was.

I'm just tired of the news constantly scaring us. Doom and gloom. I suppose, in a way, that is why blogs are a bit more popular, don't you think?


Furey- you never had that "pulse" experience in Philly because you never lived and worked there.

Yea, for every one thing you can find in Philly, NYC has 20.

For some, bigger is better, and maybe that's you. For others, that is not the case.

I'll tell you what, all things being equal, Philly is the better place to live on a quality of life scale. As soon as my 5 years are up, I'm joining the PA bar and getting the heck out of dodge!

You never liked NYC from the first day I met you, so this isn't a surprising comment.

Oh that's not true. I like NYC just fine, I just hate when people think it's the end-all be-all (not that you do, but other people do).

NYC is OK. I prefer Philly. If I ever am dumb enough to have children, and I raise them up here, I suspect they'll like NYC better than Philly. I think for me it's about the familiarity of Philly and the huge overbearing presence of NYC.


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