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Congratulations to the Saints.

It was a fun night, even in a loss, and I feel nothing to be ashamed about (I write this as I post pictures of me in an Eagles helmet...). The Eagles played a great game, had some costly penalties that changed the outcome considerably. I'm just amazed at the crowd we got at Mulligan's - the bouncers told me we had 158 Eagle fans and 2 Saints fans. Wow.

I absolutely thought we were going to win that game. I have no real game changing reasons why we lost, I think Reggie Bush did an incredible job and Deuce McAllister simply ran all over us. The defense did the best it could, but certainly we hurt without Lito.

No one expected the Eagles to even get this far. We beat the Cowboys on Christmas Day. We beat the Giants in the playoffs. We put a scare into New Orleans and lost by 3. To me, that just proves that the window ISN'T closing on the Eagles and they, even without McNabb and Jevon Kearse, are a team to be reckoned with.

I uploaded all the pictures from last night. I hope you enjoy them, and hope to see everyone at the bar next season in August for the pre-season 2007 Eagles.


It was a great crowd -till the end of the game. And as far as game winning changes, well, THAT WAS A TD!!!!!!! and Jones didn't even touch that guy, and Bush DID FUMBLE that ball!!! And why the hell would we punt with 2 minutes left in the game--UGGG. All and all, it was an amazing season we had, even us Eagles fans wrote the team off till the fight back to the playoffs!!!! Good times!!!!

As an Eagles fan I really appreciate and admire everything that you do for local Eagles fans. However, I think that it may be time to come to one harsh realization. This franchise will NEVER win a Super Bowl as long as Reid is the head coach. Don't get me wrong, he is a GREAT regular season coach, just like Schottenheimer. Yet, like Shottenheimer and guys like Manning, he doesn;t have "It" - and you need "it" to win the big one. Case in point, please tell me why you punt with two minutes left when all the Saints need is a first down and the game is over. They ran it down our throats all game, but now, all of a sudden, the defense was going to stop them - right. Just another example of Reid playing it by the book and playing it safe in the postseason rather than taking the kind of chances that you need to take (especially as an underdog, to win). It's not MOnday morning quartberbacking/coaching here. If the Eagles would have took a sack on fourth down I would have stood up and cheered for them and for Reid for taking the chance. With all that said, I'll sign off with the words of a every true Philly sports fan, there's always next year.

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