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I wrote a bit ago how my neighbors were using our common-use backyard for their dogs to poo & pee.

After I wrote that, I saw the dog "in the act" from my bedroom window. I waited until the young looking black labrador ambled up the fire escape to the 2nd floor, and scratched at the back door to be let in. The door opened, and the owner appeared. I got her attention, with an "Excuse me...?"

She came out. I explained that our backyard was designed for a common use purpose, and that having dog shit all over the backyard was pretty disgusting. I tried to be non-confrontational about it, even telling her that my own roommate had a dog and was very responsible in walking Layla daily on the street and cleaning up the mess.

The owner was apologetic and very nice about it. She said she would clean it up right away.

I was satisfied until this weekend.

I hear the dog outside again, and see the black lab "in the act". I tried to get a picture, but it didn't come out very well, because my window screen caused the flash to overexpose the shot.

I waited again.

The dog was let in, and I called to the owner...again.

She came out, and looked slightly more irate than last time. I told her that I thought we spoke about this. She thought we spoke only about cleaning up after the dog, not the idea that I didn't want any dogs in the backyard. She thought it was ok to let her dog shit in the backyard, as long as if they were on top about cleaning up the dog shit. I told her that wasn't what I was saying, that I didn't want ANY dogs in the backyard going to the bathroom, AT ALL.

Her boyfriend came out and listened in also. They asked what the landlord thought about this. I told them that the landlord agreed with me, and that dogs shoudn't be using the backyard at all. I felt it was unsanitary. If people were to go back there in the spring or summer to have a BBQ, I wouldn't want dogs peeing or pooing where they were.

The couple were cordial about it. They didn't argue or be unpolite about it. They felt that the landlord should decide this, and said they would contact the landlord to find out how they felt. I told them i'd do the same.

I emailed the management company yesterday and i'm still waiting to hear from them.

What do you think about this? Am I alone here? Or do you think that a common-use backyard should be used for dogs to pee & poop (as long as the poo is cleaned on a regular basis)? I personally think the owners should WALK their dogs on the street, and clean it up there. This isn't the SUBURBS. This isn't their own house or rental in the suburbs where people can do as they please. When I had a backyard in Richboro, our dog would pee & poop back there. That was our home, and our land. But in this common-use situation (and especially that our backyard is about 20 feet by 15 feet), I think they are out of line letting their dog back there.

I try to be fairly tolerant as a neighbor, but this, to me, is where I draw the line.


I honestly see both points. If they're on top of it, cleaning it up once or twice a week, no big deal (for now). When spring/summer hit and you guys are using the yard, I think they should NOT allow the dog out there.

I have my own backyard here in Hoboken. If I have a dog visit for the day, I'd let them use it as a toilet. But it's MY backyard.

My landlord lives on the first floor and lets us share the backyard. Her two dogs always use the backyard to poop. During the spring and summer she cleans it up very regularly, but as of now the ground is covered in crap.

So, I expect it during the winter and I won't complain, but I'll say something the first warm day I want to BBQ. I say let it pass now, but hopefully they'll be more respectful in the warmer weather.

Regardless, they should be walking the dog!

I agree with you 100%.

I am an animal lover, and a RESPONSIBLE pet owner. I clean up after my pets.

There is a reason their are ordinances and laws about pet clean up, because not only is it disgusting but it is a health issue.

Your neighbors are inconsiderate and rude. It is people like them, that make landlords implement "NO PETS ALLOWED" rules. It sucks for responsible pet owners and unfair.

If the neighbors owned the backyard, i'd say nothing. It is their yard. But in every common use situation, you can't treat the common areas like you own it.

My landlord emailed me today saying "Sean. she sent me an e-mail, I will address it all by the end of the week. I have a lot of emergencies today".

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