3-2-1 Contract!

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Remember that show, 3-2-1 Contact? Man I loved that show.

Three, Two, One, contact!
Contact is the secret,
It's the moment when everything happens.
Contact is the answer,
It's the reason why everything happens.
Let's Make Contact!
Three, Two, One, contact!

Congrats, now you will be singing that all day in your head.

But I did write: "CONTRACT", not "CONTACT".

Yes, my condo is under contract review. I'm excited and nervous. Of course this isn't a done deal, yet, but unless something drastic happens, I should be moving in to the new place by the end of April. As I wrote before, i'm not a huge fan of disruptions and change. I really do like my current condo and living situation, but here's a list of things that i'm not a huge fan of in my current condo:

1. Finding new roommates. I live in a 3 bedroom place. Finding a new person to live with has been a touchy experience. I found good roommates and bad roommates. Even found a roommate who seemed good, but kept doing bad things to me.

2. The heat! My current condo has gas heat and is 2 floors. The basement floor isn't insulated, so it is very cold. The 1st floor is insulated. My bedroom gets roasting hot (like 80 degrees) when my downstairs roommate cranks the heat. I actually have to open my window and operate a fan in the wintertime some nights.

3. Loud neighbors. We are in a 4 floor brownstone. Floor 2 & 3 is one apartment, and the people have a staircase right above my room. Everytime they come in or go out I hear "THUMP THUMP THUMP" of them running up or down the staircase and slamming their doors.

4. Quiet time. I try to be as considerate as I can, as a roommate. When i'm in my room, my roommate below me can hear my TV at times. I will get text messages of "Can you turn your TV down" on my cell phone. When I get back from bartending at 3am on Sunday mornings, I have to be quiet because everyone is sleeping (yes, i'm not perfect I can make noise) - it will be cool to get home and be able to crank the TV up and enjoy a beer.

5. My stuff = my stuff. In my current apartment I have some nice stuff in there. I have All-Clad pots and pans. I have W├╝sthof knives. I have Riedel crystal wine & port glasses and scotch glasses. I don't mind my roommates using them, but they need to respect that they are using some quality items. I ask that they hand wash any knives they use, and any All-Clad pots or pans aren't left in the sink overnight, specially if they have food stuck to it (the regular stuff I don't care as much). That got on my nerves a bit. Also food or drinks that was used & not replaced was also annoying. My current roommates aren't bad about that, but I had older ones that would use my stuff all the time.

Things i'm looking forward to in the new condo:

1. Location. It is on Newark, and a scant 5 minute walk to the PATH. Even at 6th and Garden, my walk was about 10 minutes each day, and i'd take the bus many mornings to speed things up. It will be nice to be that close to the PATH, and also even closer to getting in and out of town. My car will be parked across the street from my condo, which will make things extremely easy for me when i'm going back to Philly, or golfing or going to the movies. My car currently is parked near the 9th street Rail station, and was always a pain in the ass to walk there and get my car - and hope the battery wasn't dead.

2. Upgrading & its potentional. Actually i'm really looking forward to doing some of the work I have planned for the place. I'm a big technology guy and now I find myself researching refrigerators, ranges, microwaves and dishwashers. I also am looking at new cabinents and tiles online and there is a Home Depot at the base of my building where I work in Manhattan. I want to go down there and price some things out. I think with a bit of work that the condo can be really quite nice. I will have to lean on my experts (my family) for their expert guidance.

3. Solid construction. Brad was with me last weekend, and he rented at 300 Newark about 2 years ago. He goes "Watch this." - and jumps up and down. He then said, "All concrete construction, dude. No one is going to hear you and you aren't going to hear your neighbors - AT ALL." That was a big sell for me. One of the things I liked about my current condo was that it was mostly quiet at night (unless the upstairs neighbor was exiting their place), and my bedroom faced the backyard, not the street. Both times I visited the apartment I always noticed how quiet it was. I couldn't hear anything from the street, not even cars passing.

4. Square footage. I looked at places on 7th and Jefferson in town. New construction, with parking. But SMALL. 600 sq ft places. I had to ask myself, what was more important: a) Having parking, far location from PATH, small sq footage, but new construction or b) No parking, close to PATH, decent sq footage and existing construction? I chose the latter, obviously. If I didn't have to use the PATH each day, i'd probably choose the 7th and Jefferson location. I also said, "If the market turns where would you rather have a condo, back in town or near to the PATH." I feel this place would be a strong rental property, too.

5. Nice to shed the roommates. Hey, I loved living with roommates, until I would invite my girlfriends over for dinner. That got to be a bit...awkward. I'm really very much looking forward to being the master of the mini-castle and doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Walk around the apartment naked - fine! Dancing with the stars - done! Cranking up music while I take a shower - sounds good to me! Having a party - my schedule is wide open!

I hope to close the first week of April if everything works out. Then doing some minor construction work (painting, tiles, cabinentry, shelving) and getting the appliacnes mid-April. Hope to move in the end of April.

To my friends & family - Keep your calendars clear sometime in mid-May when I have my housewarming party.


congratulations. a great move by the sounds of it from all angles. and no more roommates. even though you say you aren't looking, i predict serious relationship this year. i'll check back in end of '07.
PS from experience, i can say your future wife will also be v. lucky to not require much for the registry, you already have some of the basics (wustoff knives? crystal). ;)

damn, it's about time you did this!!
If you need help with the work on the place, you know how to reach me... I've done enough work to build a new apartment building by now...
And I have a good contact for getting appliances wholesale, if you are replacing them - THAT is very valuable!

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