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I'm sick today.

I have a "stomach flu", and have been nauseous since Tuesday. I first thought it was food poisoning, but that usually goes away after 24 hours. I woke up this morning, took a shower, and promptly threw up. That never happened before, except when I was drinking the night before.

So I was a bit concerned.

I called my regular doctor in Manhattan. The phone number was disconnected. I haven't seen him for at least a year, I rarely need to go to the doctor, except for the occasional upper respiratory infection. I look up his name on the internet and he is part of a medical group. So I decide to call another internal medicine doctor in the group. For the next 45 minutes I call one doctor after another each saying the doctor is either out of the office or not taking new patients until late April. No one cares to my plight. I ask the other receptionists about my old doctor and they tell me that apparently he retired. No one told me. Never got an email from my old doctor saying he was retiring. One receptionist had his cell number and I called it leaving him a voice mail asking "Where do I go now...?"

Frustrated, I look up Hoboken doctors on Hobokenchat.

I call Dr. Pollack and the receptionist says they can't see me until April 5th. But i'm sick TODAY. I ask her, nicely, why is it that no doctor can see me today if I am a new patient. She tries to pawn me off to call other doctors in Hoboken.

Then I remember that once, LONG ago, I did see a doctor in Hoboken. It was Dr. Messihi on 14th and Bloomfield. This could have been about 5 years if not longer. So I call and tell the receptionist that I was a patient of his, but I haven't been there in 5 years. She's all nice to me. Its like night and day when the receptionist thinks you are an actual patient of his, rather than some rube off the street. She is like "Oh, no problem, I will find your file..."

I saw him ONCE. It was a long time ago, maybe even 8 years for all I know. But I still did see him.

I have an appointment to see him today. Hopefully he can figure out why i've been sick since Tuesday.

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Oh I know exactly what you went thru today - I went thru the same thing on Monday- I was home the end of the week last week for a funeral I got a horrible cold, I was coughing about every 4 minutes. When I got back up here I called a few doctors and they told me they couldn't see me till April 15th, I was sick on Monday(well since last thursday) - I won't be sick on April 15th. I finally doctored my self with dayquill and cold meds -but I still have a cough and cold, guess I am just going to wait it out. Hope you feel better, that stomach flu is going around big time.

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