My Idea To Stop Email Spam

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I don't understand why email providers can't "fix" spam.

I have a simple solution.

Ok, lets say your email is "". The first solution is if you meet someone like "" you exchange emails, and you can input it on your cell phone. You can text that email to address and it adds her to your address book. She is now an authorized user to email you.

Or, when you get home, add "" to your address book. Much like if you add someone's phone number to your cell phone. It is a manual way of doing it, and works just the same.

Anytime "" emails "" the filter at yahoo looks at the email, and if it matches, the mail goes thru. If not, it is COMPLETELY blocked. No spam folder. BLOCKED. The spammers get nothing.

Say, someone is trying to track you down. An old classmate, roommate or co worker. The spam folder works like - you get "Friend Requests". You can glance thru it every once in a while to see if someone is emailing you that you know. If not, just don't approve them. I have friends of mine who don't pick up their cell phones if they don't recognize the number who is calling them. Just do the same for email.

I don't think this is a perfect solution, but I do think that it would make the spammer's job much harder. I would very much like to make a list of "approved" emailers on my yahoo account and everyone else gets sent to spam. If someone called me saying "Hey! I have been trying to email you!" I look at my spam folder, check out to see if someone was flagged as spam, and just check them to "approved" much like they do today in the spam folders.

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"Spam will be a thing of the past in two years' time." - Bill Gates, 2004

What you're describing is called whitelisting and actually many organizations already do this. The main issue with whitelisting is that it's difficult to maintain because you would end up having to approve way more email addresses than you would say, phone numbers on a regular basis. Think about every order you place online that sends you confirmation via email, or every registration email you've ever had to deal with.

Regardless, it's a good idea that works most of the time. Yahoo actually already does what you suggest, if an email address is in your address book, it never goes in the Bulk Mail folder. You could come close to what you're talking about with the cell phone by syncing (provided you have compatible hardware) your phone's address book with Yahoo ( Good luck!

I just read a few days ago that 85-90% of all global email is spam :-\

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